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Environmental Law and Sustainability

News Sources

ABA Journal:  Environmental Law
The American Bar Association tracks environmental law developments in litigation, the academe, and from around the world.

Bloomberg Law:  Environment & Energy Report (Bloomberg Law password required)
Featuring the latest developments, with sections tracking particular environmental focal points, federal agencies, and federal courts.

E&E News
A news organization sponsored by Politico with reporters and editors dedicated to providing in-depth looks at developments and conflicts in U.S. law regarding energy, environment, and climate change.

The Environmental Law Reporter
This resource, with attorney editors, includes news on environmental law, updates on rulemaking, litigation, and lawmaking, as well as research tools. Back issues are available on HeinOnline.

Law360:  Environmental
Developments in environmental law, including rulemaking, litigation, and industry news from the editors of Law360.

Science Daily:  Environmental Policy News
Topical information curated from a variety of news and academic sources on environmental challenges, climate change, deforestation, and preservation of nature.

Westlaw:  Environmental News (Westlaw password required)
The latest news about environmental law and sustainability from around the world.

Web Resources and Blogs is the official website of the federal legislature. It contains bills and resolutions, committee reports, the Congressional Record, Presidential nominations, treaties, and other related information including summaries and status of legislative acts. It also provides information about members of Congress, links to House and Senate committee pages, the United States Code, and other legislative resources. You can browse the website by subject. gathers statistics and reports on environment-related topics such as agriculture, climate, ecosystems, and oceans.

Energy Information Administration
The EIA provides energy data and analysis including international and domestic energy forecasts, environmental concerns, and financial matters.

Environmental Law Institute
A non-partisan organization that seeks to "make law work for people, places, and the planet." Includes experts from academe, nonprofits, and private industries providing expert information on environmental law.

Environmental Law Prof Blog
Academic commentary on developments in environmental regulation and litigation, as well as broader policy concerns about environmental quality and sustainability.

EPA:  Energy Resources for State, Local, and Tribal Governments
The EPA provides environmental monitoring resources, data, and educational materials on efficiency, emissions, and renewable energy.

NCSL:  Environment and Natural Resources
NCSL is a bipartisan research organization serving legislators and staff of all 50 states. It provides research, technical assistance, and the ability for policymakers to exchange ideas. NCSL includes information on state programs and tracks state legislation through its Energy and Environment and Natural Resources bill tracking databases.

Sabin Center for Climate Change Law
Gathering information on climate change as well as environmental, energy, and natural resources law, featuring secondary publications as well as databases on climate litigation and scientific research.

Student Resources

Environmental Law Society
ASU's Environmental Law Society hosts presentations by lawyers in environmental, energy, water, and related fields of law, as well as networking events, hikes, and field trips to facilities such as electricity generating plants.