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Environmental Law and Sustainability

Texts and Treatises

There are a number of treatises in the Law Library collection related to social change. You can search for relevant books in the ASU Library catalog by using subject headings such as Environmental LawPollution Control, and Law -- Administrative law -- Environmental law.

Environmental Law and Policy (Jemes E. Salzman & Barton H. Thompson, Jr., 2019) (West Academic login required)
Discussing the regulation and enforcement of environmental standards in the U.S., with detailed breakdowns of air, water, and solid waste management, as well as environmental impact assessments for land developments.

Environmental Law in a Nutshell (Daniel A. Farber, 2019)
The latest edition tracks the most recent changes in the dynamic field. Highlights concerns about federalism, pollution control, hazardous-substance management, and preservation of natural spaces. Also available on West Academic (login required).

Examples and Explanations: Environmental Law (Steven Ferrey, 2013)
Providing summaries of environmental policy challenges and regulatory strategies, along with the signature practice questions to keep students prepared for discussions and exams. Also available on Wolters Kluwer (login required).

Law of Wetlands Regulation (William L. Want, 2019)
Describing the history of wetland regulation, including the division of authority between state and federal governments, jurisdictional issues, environmental permits, enforcement of environmental rules, and defenses.

NEPA Law and Litigation (Daniel R. Mandelker, 2018)
Discusses compliance with the procedural National Environmental Policy Act, including citizens’ suits, environmental impact statements, and the litigation process.

Public Natural Resources Law (George Cameron Coggins & Robert L. Glicksman, 2019)
Explains the systems underlying natural resources regulation in publicly owned lands, including allocation of federal authority, liability issues, interactions with environmental statutes, and preservation issues.

Racial Ecologies (LeiLani Nishime & Kim D. Hester Williams eds., 2018)
An anthology of scholarly work within frameworks such as indigenous people and critical race theory examining the disparate impact of environmental degradation on communities of color.

State Environmental Law (Daniel P. Selmi & Kenneth A. Manaster, 2018)
Discusses state-based issues such as nuisance, federal constraints on state power, typical state laws and rules, state-federal cooperation, environmental impact assessments, litigation, and emerging problems.

Superfund and Brownfields Cleanup: Legal and Practical Issues (James T. O’Reilly, 2013)
Introduces the statutory scheme regulating sites containing hazardous waste and their cleanup, litigation, defenses, injunctions, cost allocations (including natural resource damages), procedural issues, and contractual strategies.

Toxic Torts Practice Guide (James T. O’Reilly, 2014)
Summarizes the problems that lead to toxins’ release to the environment and potential causes of action, such as product liability or liability under federal and state environmental statutes. Also discusses procedural issues, calculation of damages, defenses, and settlements.


HeinOnline gathers dozens of academic law journals focused on environmental law, energy, natural resources, and related fields (available on campus ore remotely with ASURITE).

Arizona Journal of Environmental Law and Policy
The University of Arizona publication emphasizes issues relevant to the Western U.S., such as tribal law, water law, and mining.

Columbia Journal of Environmental Law
A nationally oriented journal focusing heavily on the law, litigation, and science of climate change.

Environmental Law
The high-ranking environmental law school at Lewis & Clark produces this journal featuring leading academic voices.

Harvard Environmental Law Review
A wide-ranging, nationally focused journal featuring many of the nation’s most respected environmental law scholars.

Stanford Environmental Law Journal
Analyzing the effectiveness of legal regimes in the courtroom and their wider implications for nature.

Yale Journal on Regulation
Focused more generally on administrative law, which plays an important role in the regulation of the environment through the EPA.

Online Resources

ASU Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation
This program at Arizona State University combines the expertise of the Global Institute of Sustainability and the Institute for the Future of Innovation in Society. It includes programs focused on promoting healthy biodiversity and ecology, sustainable food systems, desert environmental research, and sustainable cities. It also gathers sustainability research and news.

ASU Library Sustainability Research Guide
Provides interdisciplinary information on environmental and sustainability science and policy, including video resources, ebooks, and academic research papers.

ASU Water and Environmental Technology Center
This center focuses on scientific research ensuring water quality, gathering research projects and publications on topics including water use, groundwater recharge, contaminants, and energy production.