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Environmental Law and Sustainability

Primary Authority

Arizona Administrative Code: Title 3 – Agriculture
These regulations govern agricultural activities such as handling of animals and food products.

Arizona Department of Agriculture
Provides information about farming practices including news, educational resources about pesticide use; animal inspections and veterinary medicine; legally protected plant species; and the Food Safety Modernization Act

Arizona Department of Health Services
The Food Safety and Environmental Services page compiles resources such as food safety regulations, equipment sanitizing standards, and instructions on reporting foodborne illnesses.

Arizona Revised Statutes: Title 3 – Agriculture
These statutes set up the legal framework for agricultural governance and operation in Arizona.

Arizona Revised Statutes: Title 36 – Public Health and Safety
Chapter 8 of this title governs general food safety practices, and chapter 15 governs mobile food vendors in Arizona.

Code of Federal Regulations
The CFR includes codified regulations concerning agricultureanimals and animal products, and food and drugs.

EPA:  Agricultural Sectors
Statutes and regulations governing the production of plant and animal food sources, including pesticides, air and water pollution, and concentrated animal feeding operations.

Federal Register
The Daily Journal of the United States Government tracks the latest developments from agencies including the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which includes the Food and Drug Administration.

Food & Drug Administration
Regulates food safety, including information on recalls and emergencies; animal healthcare and feed; drugs; vaccines; medical devices; and tobacco products.

USDA:  Laws & Regulations
Includes the USDA’s policy plan, links to court decisions, rulemaking, and statutes related to food standards, marketing, packaging, and food safety.

Texts and Treatises

Agricultural Law (Neil E. Harl and Robert P. Achenbach, Jr., 2023) (Lexis password required)
This treatise introduces the policies governing farming and food production, along with its interplay with areas of the law including torts, environmental law, estate and business planning, labor law, and tax.

Agricultural Law in a Nutshell (Roger A. McEowen, 2017)
Overviewing the many areas of law involved in farming, including contracts, secured transactions, property law, water law, and environmental law. Also available on West Academic (login required).

Food Regulation: Law, Science, Policy, and Practice (Neal D. Fortin, 2016)
An overview of legal regimes governing food safety, labeling, and advertising.

Guide to U.S. Food Laws and Regulations (Patricia A. Curtis, 2013)
Examining the constitutional and governmental bases for U.S. food safety laws, the development of food safety law over the decades, major food safety laws, labeling, environmental law, biotechnology, and animal welfare.

Hygiene in Food Processing: Principles and Practice (H.L.M. Lelieveld et al. eds., 2014)
Examining the risk from microbes and other contaminants, and discussing safe food production, processing, and handling practices.

Marijuana Law in a Nutshell (Mark K. Osbeck and Howard Bromberg, 2022)
Provides and overview of federal law and conflicting local laws regarding this long-banned cash crop. Also available on West Academic (login required).

All journals are available on HeinOnline (available on campus or remotely with ASURITE).

Drake Journal of Agricultural Law
Includes scholarship on topics such as sustainable farming, food waste, and food safety.

European Food and Feed Law Review
Commentary on developments in foreign food safety and agricultural law.

Food and Drug Law Journal
This journal from the nonprofit Food and Drug Law Institute features commentary on the intersections of food production and public health.

Journal of Food Law and Policy
This University of Arkansas Law School journal concerns governance of food production and marketing, including tensions with the First Amendment, environmental regulation, and corporate governance.

Kentucky Journal of Equine, Agriculture, & Natural Resources Law
This journal from the University of Kentucky College of Law includes commentary on the intersections of agriculture, human use of animals, and natural resources.


AGRICOLA (available on campus or remotely with ASURITE)
This database gathers agricultural literature from 1502 to the present. 

Biological Sciences (available on campus or remotely with ASURITE)
Subjects in this database include biotechnology and genetics as it relates to agricultural plants and animals.

CAB Abstracts Archive (available on campus or remotely with ASURITE)
This database focuses on life sciences, including farming, forestry, and animal health.

Environment Complete (available on campus or remotely with ASURITE)
Includes domestic and international titles concerning agriculture from the 1940s to the present.

UNdata: A World of Information
Includes charts and data from around the world on topics including nutrition and agriculture.

World Development Report
Includes agriculture and food production in yearly reports on economic and social conditions around the world.

News and Web Resources

The Ag & Food Law Update
The federally funded National Agricultural Law Center tracks daily court rulings, legislative actions, and regulations in agriculture and food law, with commentary on ongoing ag-related issues.

Agricultural Law and Taxation Blog
News and commentary on legal developments from Washburn Law Professor Roger A. McEowen.

American Agricultural Law Association: Blogs
This professional organization gathers blogs discussing agricultural law, from law schools and universities and law firms.

Arizona Farm Bureau
An agriculture industry group with news and a blog from the food producers’ perspective.

Arizona Food Bank Network
News and information on the state’s food banks along with data on hunger and food insecurity.

Bureau of Reclamation: Colorado River Basin Drought Contingency Plans
Developments in the legal effort to preserve the Colorado River’s flow, which drives much of Arizona’s agriculture.

Drought in Arizona
This government website monitors the intensity of drought nationwide, including a historical look at drought conditions and links to resources.

Features market data, legal news, and trends in the agriculture business, with Western U.S. data concentrated in the Western FarmPress page.

Food Empowerment Project
This food justice organization includes commentary on social justice issues concerning food, including veganism, food deserts and urban hunger.

U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit: Arizona Agriculture
Advising farmers on strategies for coping with the severe drought exacerbated by climate change plaguing the Western U.S. Also includes general information on the effects of drought.

World Resources Institute: Agriculture
International research organization that provides in-depth coverage of agriculture issues arising in particular countries as well as worldwide trends.