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Environmental Law and Sustainability

Texts and Treatises

You can search for online and print treatises ASU Library catalog by using subject headings such as Energy & Utilities Law and Energy Policies. You can limit your results to e-books by clicking “Full Text Online” on the right. Print books available in other ASU libraries may be requested and delivered to you at the law library.

Advanced Introduction to Law and Renewable Energy (Joel B. Eisen, 2021)
This slim, sub-200 page volume introduces renewable energy production processes and discusses policies to promote renewable energy development and use, utility regulation, and finance of renewable energy projects.

Energy Justice: U.S. and International Perspectives (Raya Selter et al. eds., 2018)
Analyzing policies for sustainable energy infrastructure that will minimize the problems of environmental justice, or the disproportionate impact energy infrastructure placement has had on low-income populations, and improve energy accessibility.

Energy Law (Alexandra B. Klass & Hannah J. Wiseman, 2020) (West Academic login required)
Summarizing the legal regimes surrounding energy facility siting, energy material extraction, environmental protection, and energy financing and markets.

Energy Law in a Nutshell (Joseph P. Tomain, 2017) (West Academic login required)
An introduction to energy law and policy, with a summary of energy law administration and issues surrounding the most important energy production media, including oil, nuclear, and renewable strategies.

The Law and Economics of a Sustainable Energy Trade Agreement (Gary C. Hufbauer et. al eds., 2016)
International frameworks and competing national and sub-national energy policies are leaving the critical task of clean energy transition underserved, but a series of articles proposes ways to improve the situation.

Nuclear Energy, Regulation, Risk and the Environment (Abdullah Al Faruque, 2019)
An international perspective on nuclear energy, its potential to mitigate climate change, and how regulation worldwide aims to mitigate the risk of catastrophic accidents such as Chernobyl or Fukushima.

Oil and Gas Law in a Nutshell (John S. Lowe, 2019)
Summarizing the legal regimes surrounding transfers of oil and gas production rights along with taxation and contractual issues. Also available on West Academic.

Our Energy Future: Resources, Alternatives and the Environment (Christian Ngo & Joseph Natowitz, 2016)
A comprehensive look at the various energy-production media and strategy for effective power generation that minimizes environmental harms.

Renewable Energy: Law, Policy and Practice (Troy A. Rule, 2018)
ASU Law Professor wrote the book on the legal regimes governing and promoting energy strategies such as wind, geothermal, and solar, covering related legal issues such as property law and tax incentives.

Renewable Energy Finance: Theory and Practice (Santosh Raikar & Seabron Adamson, 2020)
Examines the shifting landscape of energy production and distribution, discusses how policymakers could employ methods of building public support for renewable energy, and to manage costs domestically and internationally.

Wind Energy Essentials (Andrew Swift & Richard P. Walker, 2015)
An overview of the science of wind energy, energy policy, and the challenges wind energy presents, including impacts on the environment, wildlife, and the electric grid.

Relevant journals may be found in HeinOnline’s “Oil and Gas” collection and its “Environmental/Conservation Law” collection (available on campus or remotely with ASURITE).

Energy Law Journal
This publication from the Energy Bar Association includes commentary on all aspects of energy law and policy in the U.S. and abroad, from markets to regulations to environmental policy concerns.

George Washington Journal of Energy and Environmental Law
The Washington, D.C.-area law school’s journal features commentary on improving environmental and energy governance.

ONE J: Oil and Gas, Natural Resources, and Energy Journal
This journal from the University of Oklahoma College of Law concerns energy production, distribution, use, transactions, regulations, and litigation.

Solar Energy
A Phoenix-based journal dedicated to the latest in solar power technology. Click on “View journal contents (Browzine coverage)” for access on campus or remotely with ASURITE.

Interdisciplinary Databases

Environment Complete (available on campus or remotely with ASURITE)
Includes domestic and international titles concerning agriculture from the 1940s to the present.

GreenFILE (available on campus or remotely with ASURITE)
GreenFILE is a full-text database that provides access to scholarly, government and general-interest titles about sustainability and human impact on the environment. 

International Nuclear Information System
Data and analysis on nuclear energy and related topics.

Office of Science and Technical Information
The U.S. Department of Energy provides a searchable database of data, technical reports, and commentary on the energy market and law.

Provides raw data on topics such as energy costs and production levels.

Web Resources

Accenture Newsroom: Utilities
A technology firm’s compilation of commentary on utility regulation and energy advances.

Bloomberg Law News (Bloomberg password required)
Provides information organized by multiple energy-related topics.

Energy Bar Association
A group for energy attorneys, other professionals, and law students that aims to promote effective energy policies. 

Law360 (Lexis password required)
Energy market and legal developments from the U.S. and around the world.

LexBlog: Energy
Commentary on energy policy and technology developments in the U.S. and worldwide.

Westlaw Energy News (Westlaw password required)
Features the most recent energy stories of the day, along with a searchable database of further developments.

Arizona: U.S. Energy Information Administration
Statistical tracking of the state's energy profile, broken down by industry, along with information such as U.S. rankings on energy spending and carbon dioxide emissions. The main page includes nationwide data.

Arizona Corporation Commission: Utilities Division
Includes information on the electricity industry, including sites of state plants and state regulations governing energy production, distribution, and use.

Arizona Revised Statutes: Title 30 – Power
These statutes govern power generation, distribution, and sale in the sate.

Code of Federal Regulations
The codified federal rules pertaining to energy production, pricing, and other management.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
The government agency regulating the energy market provides legal resources such as court cases, statutes and regulations; market assessments; and information about particular energy industries.

Federal Register: Energy Department
Provides rulemaking-related documents and other files related to federal energy regulation, along with a list of all Energy Department subunits.

Lexis Practical Guidance (Lexis password required)
Provides detailed practice notes, along with standard forms and clauses, and checklists to guide transactional lawyers and litigators.