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Environmental Law and Sustainability

Arizona Statutes

A.R.S. Title 45 – Waters
Concerns the state Department of Water Resources, rights to use ground and surface water, tribal rights, water storage, exports, weather and flood control, energy, and water conservation.

A.R.S. Title 49 – The Environment
Empowers the state Department of Environmental Quality, establishes processes to regulate water quality, air quality, waste management, hazardous wastes, and environmental infrastructure.

Agencies and Rulemaking

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Arizona (federal)
Discusses Arizona-specific information, such as localized environmental data, news, ongoing cleanup work, and contact information.

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
The ADEQ website includes information on environmental permits that various businesses will require, as well as overviews of programs to regulate air and water quality and waste management.

Arizona Department of Public Health
Includes information on toxins such as lead and pesticides, as well as extreme weather, land reuse, and food safety.

Arizona Game and Fish Department
Presents data on endangered species and  advisories to limit consumption of fish tainted by polluted waters.

ADEQ Rulemaking
Compiles proposals for Arizona environmental rules being proposed and finalized rules.

Arizona Cases

For information on accessing Arizona judicial opinions and other court resources, see our Arizona Law research guide.