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Environmental Law and Sustainability

Arizona Statutes

A.R.S. Title 45 – Waters
Establishes the Arizona Department of Water Resources, rights to use ground and surface water, tribal rights, water storage, exports, weather and flood control, energy, and water conservation.

A.R.S. Title 49 – The Environment
Establishes the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, processes to regulate water quality, air quality, waste management, hazardous wastes, and environmental infrastructure.

Agencies and Rulemaking

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
The ADEQ website includes information on environmental permitting requirements as well as overviews of programs to regulate air, water quality, and waste management.

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality:  Law & Rule
Links to ADEQ's annual regulatory agenda, active and completed rulemakings, substantive policy statements, and environmental laws.

Arizona Department of Health Services
Includes information on toxins such as lead and pesticides as well as extreme weather and food safety.

Arizona Department of Water Resources
Safeguards the health, safety, and economic welfare of the public by protecting, conserving, and enhancing Arizona's water supplies.

Arizona Game and Fish Department
The Commissioners' Forum provides links to resolutions and policies of the Arizona Game and Fish Department as well as editorials and information about other activities.

Environmental Protection Agency:  EPA in Arizona
Discusses environmental information specific to Arizona and the Pacific Southwest (Region 9) such as news, air quality, water topics, and cleanup sites.

Arizona Cases

Information on accessing Arizona cases is available on the Arizona Courts page of the Law Library's Arizona Law research guide.