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Environmental Law and Sustainability

Texts and Treatises

Animal Law in a Nutshell (Sonia S. Waisman et al., 2021)
An efficient introduction to issues concerning animal law, from the definition of which animals deserve protection to the elements of particular crimes and torts involving animals, along with contract issues, farms, animal research, hunting, and international agreements. Also available on  West Academic (login required).

Animal Law: Welfare, Interests, and Rights (David Favre, 2008)
An in-depth approach to issues related to animal welfare, such as animal ownership, veterinary medicine, anti-cruelty laws, and farm conditions.

Animals in International Law (Anne Peters, 2021)
This book identifies and analyzes international laws and treaties addressing animals, as well as those regarding international trade and armed conflict in terms of their impacts on animals. The author proposes new legal strategies for protecting animals.

Careers in Animal Law (Yolanda Eisenstein, 2011)
Suggesting pathways to involve animals in professional legal practice in areas such as contracts, criminal law, and personal injury, as well as careers outside the legal profession.

Is CITES Protecting Wildlife? (Tanya Wyatt, 2021)
The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is meant to protect wildlife amid a massive biodiversity crisis in which more than a million species face extinction. This book details the operation and implementation of CITES and compliance with the convention. It provides suggestions for improving the law.

Endangered Species Act: Law, Policy, and Perspectives (Donald C. Baur & Ya-Wei Li eds., 2021)
This anthology examines the ESA’s history and its present applications intended to help wildlife and plants at risk of extinction recover. It examines issues from the initial listing of species to the complex definition of crucial terminology such as “take,” which is restricted for listed species. It delves into the meaning of “recovery” and how to achieve it, as well as private incentives and private “citizen suits” to help enforce the Endangered Species Act.

The Future of Animal Law (David S. Favre, 2021)
This book focuses on the legal rights of animals in the future. It centers on dogs as companion animals that are the most likely vehicle for increased protections, with the ultimate goal of creating a legal framework that recognizes animals' feelings and needs. 

Litigating Animal Law Disputes: A Complete Guide for Lawyers (Joan Schaffner & Julie Fershtman, eds., 2009)
Overviewing theories of liability and defenses for various legal issues involving animals, such as torts and contract disputes, and pointing toward strategies for attorneys.

Routledge Handbook of Animal Welfare (Andrew Knight et al. eds., 2023)
This handbook is essential reading for students and scholars of animal welfare, animal law and animal ethics everywhere, and for policy-makers and other professionals working in the animal welfare sector.

Studies in Global Animal Law (Anne Peters ed., 2020)
Discusses the historical foundations of law regarding the rights to use and the rights of animals, the laws of animals as commodities, animal use by indigenous peoples, trade in endangered species, biodiversity protection, and emerging strategies to win legal protections for animals.

HeinOnline offers several additional scholarly journals dedicated to animal law (available on campus or remotely with ASURITE).

Animal & Natural Resources Law Review
This journal from Michigan State University College of Law examines the impact of natural resources law on animal populations along with protections for pets, farm animals, and wildlife.

Animal Law
Published by Northwestern School of Law, this title features scholarly materials on topics such as the law governing animal activities, veterinary medicine, wildlife, and plant-based diets.

Journal of Animal & Environmental Law
Examining the laws protecting animals as well as the laws protecting people from animals, this journal from the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law also examines the intersections between animal rights and environmental policy concerns such as deforestation.

Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy
Examines cross-border animal legal issues, such as migratory species and movement of animals in the stream of commerce.

Web Resources and Blogs

Animal Law Section: State Bar of Arizona
A statewide group seeking to promote the study of animal law in a variety of areas, from pet stores to probate.

Animal Legal & Historical Center
Provides summaries to Arizona statutes and ballot initiatives governing animals.

Animal Welfare Legislation
A timeline of state legal protections for animals from an organization focused on strengthening such protections.

Arizona Department of Agriculture
Provides information on regulatory efforts including food production and pest control in the state.

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Regulating intersections between animal welfare and environmental protection, such as concentrated animal feeding operations.

Animal Health and Welfare
The USDA provides an overview of other animal protection statutes, with links to congressional discussions and regulatory efforts concerning animals.

Animal Welfare Act
The United States Department of Agriculture provides this overview of the 1966 statute, which remains the only federal law to concern animal treatment in activities such as research. This page includes links to the full text, the legislative and regulatory history, and related government documents.

Animal Welfare Litigation Program
The Department of Justice enforces federal statutes through its Environmental Crimes Section and Wildlife and Marine Resources Section.

CFR:  Animals and Animal Products
Title 9 of the Code of Federal Regulations, the codified regulations federal agencies promulgate, concerns animals and animal products.

Endangered Species Act
This federal statute prevents “taking,” or further threatening, animals and plants that are included on a list of threatened and endangered species and their habitats.

Federal Register
Includes an extensive list of topics or federal regulatory oversight, including several involving animals, such as animal welfare and animal foods.

Animal Blawg
News and views on animal law and policy, founded by Pace Law School professors and a student.

Animal Law Resource Center
Collecting statutes from the federal government, states, and the District of Columbia concerning animals.

Animal Legal Defense Fund News
News on animal law and related topics, such as agriculture, from an organization seeking to increase animal welfare protections.

Animals and Politics
An organization dedicated to lobbying for animal protection laws provides news updates on those efforts.

Equine Law Blog
A law blog by lawyers specializing in horses and the horse industry.

Michigan State University Animal Legal & Historical Center
Archive of statutes, cases, and secondary sources concerning animal law.

News and Analysis

Endangered Species Law & Policy
Updates on protected species and the federal agencies overseeing them from a law firm recognized for its endangered-species practice.

Law 360 (available on campus or on Lexis with Lexis password)
Updates on court cases, legislation, and other legal developments involving animals.

Westlaw News (Westlaw password required)
Provides the latest animal legal news, with a searchable archive.


Westlaw (Westlaw password required)
A searchable database highlighting the most recent judicial developments in animal law.

Student Resources

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund
An organization of ASU Law students and faculty dedicated to increasing animal protections through the legal system and advancing the study of animal law, featuring plant-based lunch at meetings. Featured speakers include attorneys dealing with animal cruelty issues, torts, and agriculture.