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International and Foreign Law

Overview of the European Union

European Union Law including Brexit and Beyond in a Nutshell (Ralph Haughwout Folsom, 2021)
This is a compact resource on the EU that covers the history of the EU including Brexit, EU legislation, and the European Court of Justice. It also addresses the free movement of goods and people, technology, and antitrust law in the EU. Also available on West Academic (available on campus or remotely with login).

Smit & Herzog on the Law of the European Union (Lexis password required)
Commentary on the principles and legal powers of the EU.

Research Guides on the EU

European Union Information Research Guide 
A research guide from the European Documentation Centre of the EU.

Understanding European Union Legal Materials
A research guide form GlobaLex at NYU Law.

CALI lesson on European Union Research (CALI password required)
This lesson provides an overview of the history and structure of the European Union, followed by an introduction to researching European Union documents, specifically EU treaties, regulations, directives, and opinions of the European Court of Justice. The European Union is a truly unique structure which represents over half a century of cooperation between select nations.

European Union Websites

EUR-Lex: A database of legislation, treaties, and case law of the European Union and member countries.

European Court of Justice
Gathers case law and information about a tribunal that enforces and interprets EU law and ensures compliance with treaty obligations.

Official Website of the European Union: Presents statistical and narrative information about the goals of the European Union as well as its law and functions, including economic data and official documents. 

  • European e-Justice Portal: Gathers legal information on matters including legislation, case law, court procedures, and specific legal subjects including family law, money claims, and legal registration of businesses and land.
  • European Parliament: Find news and calendar information as well as videos and live streams of discussions and debates of the government body, whose members are directly elected by member states.

Subscription Resources

Westlaw European Union (Westlaw password required)
This database has decisions of the European Court of Justice; EU legislation as published in the Official Journal; the EU Treaties, and miscellaneous secondary sources.

Lexis European Union (Lexis password required)
This database has decisions of the European Court of Justice and EU legislation.