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International Law: Commercial Arbitration


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New York Convention Guide
This website has the text of the 1958 Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, its drafting history, rules, and cases.

International Council for Commercial Arbitration
The website of the International Council for Commercial Arbitration links to arbitration treaties.

EISIL (Electronic Information System for International Law)
EISIL links to primary documents and web sites dealing with international commercial arbitration.

Westlaw International Arbitration Treaties (Westlaw password required)
A searchable database of international arbitration treaties on Westlaw. Coverage begins with 1952 (Europe), 1992 (NAFTA), and 1994 (GATT). 


Mealey’s International Arbitration Report (Lexis password required)
Mealey's, available on Lexis, is a monthly bulletin covering arbitration litigation in international and national courts.

Kluwer Arbitration Blog
The Kluwer Arbitration blog reports news dealing with international arbitration.

Law360 International Arbitration News (available on campus)
Law360 has news and analysis on international arbitration law.


Kluwer Arbitration (available on campus or remotely with ASURITE)
Kluwer Arbitration is the leading online resource for researching international commercial arbitration. It has treatises, journals, treaties, national legislation, international and national court and arbitral body decisions, and arbitration rules.

Westlaw Practical Law – International Arbitration (Westlaw password required)
Westlaw's Practical Law Center has commentary on international arbitration arranged by topic and by country, with accompanying forms and checklists.

Bloomberg Law’s Getting the Deal Through – Arbitration (Bloomberg Law password required)
This Bloomberg Law treatise includes guides to arbitration in nearly 50 different countries.


International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Rules of Arbitration
The International Chamber of Commerce provides online access to its most current ICC Rules of Arbitration. The rules define and regulate the management of cases submitted to our International Court of Arbitration.

London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) Rules
The London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) is one of the world’s leading international institutions for commercial dispute resolution. LCIA Arbitration Rules are available on this LCIA website.

Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) Rules of Procedure
The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) was established by the Convention for the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes, concluded at The Hague in 1899 during the first Hague Peace Conference. The PCA Rules of Procedure are available on the organization's website.

UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules
The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law provides access to its arbitration rules, including conventions, model laws, and explanatory texts, on its website.

Kluwer Arbitration (available on campus or remotely with ASURITE) 
Kluwer Arbitration provides access to practical tools and a wide variety of content resources, including arbitral awards, related to international arbitration.

Westlaw International Arbitration Awards (Westlaw password required)
Westlaw provides access to arbitral awards from a number of different sources, including the International Centre for Dispute Resolution, 
NAFTA, Permanent Court of Arbitration, World Intellectual Property Organization, WTO & GATT, and the United States. The awards are searchable. 

UNILEX has abstracts of arbitral awards and court decisions dealing with the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts and the CISG. When available, it links to the full text of the decision.

Investment Treaty Arbitration
This website from the University of Victoria has the full text of investment cases, decisions, awards, investment treaties, and other investment-related materials.


International Council for Commercial Arbitration
The International Council for Commercial Arbitration wesite links to national arbitration laws.

UNCITRAL’s Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration
This United Nations Commission On International Trade Law (UNICTRAL) website has the text of the model law and its travaux preparatoires.

Case Law on UNCITRAL Texts (CLOUT)
CLOUT, hosted by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, has abstracts of court decisions and arbitral awards relating to the UNCITRAL conventions and model laws, including CISG, the New York Convention, and the Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration.

Pace Law School’s CISG Database
The Pace Law School's CISG database has abstracts of court decisions dealing with the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (COSG) and often links to the full text of decisions.

UNILEX provides abstracts of arbitral awards and court decisions dealing with the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts and the CISG. When available, it links to the full text of the decision.

World Legal Information Institute
The World Legal Information Institute provides a searchable database of national legislation and decisions from national and international courts and tribunals. 

Westlaw International Commercial Arbitration Cases (Westlaw password required)
Westlaw's international commercial arbitration database has court decisions from the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Canada that deal with international arbitration.


American Law Institute, Restatement of the Law, Third – the U.S. Law of International Commercial Arbitration (American Law Institute 2013)
- available as an e-book (accessible on campus access or remotely with ASURITE)

American Law Institute, Restatement of the Law, the U.S. Law of International Commercial and Investor-State Arbitration. Proposed final draft (April 24, 2019)

Yas Banifatemi ed., Precedent in International Arbitration (Juris Publishing, Inc. 2008)

Bachand, Frederic Bachand and Fabien Gelinas ed., The UNCITRAL Model Law after Twenty-five Years: Global Perspectives on International Commercial Arbitration (Juris 2013)  

Louise Barrington, The Danubia Files: Award Writing Lessons from the VIS Moot (Outskirts Press 2013)

Stephen Berti et al., Comparative Law of International Arbitration. 2nd ed.(Sweet & Maxwell 2007)
Available on Westlaw (Westlaw password required)

Doak Bishop and Edward G. Kehoe eds., The Art of Advocacy in International Arbitration. 2nd ed (JurisNet 2010)

Michael Joachim Bonell ed., The UNIDROIT Principles in Practice: Caselaw and Bibliography on the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts (Transnational Publishers 2006)

Gary B. Born, International Commercial Arbitration (Wolters Kluwer Law & Business 2009)

Thomas E. Carbonneau ed., Handbook on International Arbitration and ADR (JurisNet 2006) 

David D. Caron, The UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules: A Commentary (Oxford University Press 2006)

Guiditta Cordero-Moss ed., International Commercial Arbitration: Different Forms and Their Features (Cambridge University Press 2013)

J.H. Dalhuisen, Dalhuisen on International Commercial, Financial, and Trade Law. 2nd ed. (Hart Pub. 2004)

Iwan Davies ed., Issues in International Commercial Law (Ashgate 2005)

Larry DiMatteo et al., International Sales Law: Contract, Principles & Practice (C.H. Beck 2016) 

John Felemegas ed., An International Approach to the Interpretation of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (1980) as Uniform Sales Law (Cambridge University Press 2006)
- Available as an e-book (accessible on campus access or remotely with ASURITE)

Franco Ferrari, Limits to Party Autonomy in International Commercial Arbitration (Juris 2016) 

Franco Ferrari and Marco Torsello, International Sales Law – CISG in a Nutshell (West Academic 2018)

Henry D. Gabriel, Contracts for the Sale of Goods: A Comparison of U.S. and International Law. 2nd ed. (Oxford University Press 2009)

Emmanuel Gaillard, Legal Theory of International Arbitration (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers 2010)  
- Available as an e-book (accessible on campus access or remotely with ASURITE)

Elliot Geisinger and Guillaume Tattevin eds., Advocacy in International Commercial Arbitration (JurisNet 2013)

Jack M. Graves, The ABCs of the CISG (ABA Section of International Law 2013)

P. Hachem, Agreed Sums Payable Upon Breach of an Obligation: Rethinking Penalty and Liquidated Damages Clauses (The Hague 2011)

H. Roderic Heard, International Commercial Arbitration Advocacy: A Practitioner's Guide for American Lawyers (National Institute for Trial Advocacy 2010) 

Maren Heidemann, Methodology of Uniform Contract Law: The UNIDROIT Principles in International Legal Doctrine and Practice (Springer 2007) 
- Available as an e-book (accessible on campus access or remotely with ASURITE)

John Honnold, Documentary History of the Uniform Law for International Sales: The Studies, Deliberations, and Decisions That Led to the 1980 United Nations Convention with Introductions and Explanations (Kluwer Law and Taxation Publishers 1989)

John Honnold, Uniform Law for International Sales Under the 1980 United Nations Convention (Wolters Kluwer Law & Business 2009)

Stephen Jagusch ed., The Guide to Advocacy. 3rd ed. (Law Business Research 2018)

A. C. Kläsener, The Guide to M&A Arbitration (Law Business Research 2018)

Lookofsky, Joseph M. Lookofsky, Understanding the CISG in the USA: A Compact Guide to the 1980 United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. 2nd ed. (Kluwer Law International 2004)

Anton G. Maurer, The Public Policy Exception Under the New York Convention: History, Interpretation and Application (Juris 2012)

Margaret Moses, The Principles and Practice of International Commercial Arbitration. 3rd ed. (Cambridge 2017)

Horacio A. Grigera Naón and Paul E. Mason, International Commercial Arbitration Practice: 21st Century Perspectives (LexisNexis 2013)
- Available on Lexis (Lexis password required)

Sophie Nappert, Commentary on the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules 2010: A Practitioner's Guide (JurisNet 2012)

Thomas Neumann, The Duty to Cooperate in International Sales: The Scope and Role of Article 80 CISG (Sellier European Law Publishers 2012)

Lawrence W. Newman and Colin Ong eds., Interim Measures in International Arbitration (JurisNet 2014)

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Karla C. Shippey, A Short Course in International Contracts: Drafting the International Sales Contract: for Attorneys and Non-attorneys. 3rd ed. (World Trade Press 2009)
- Available as an e-book (accessible on campus access or remotely with ASURITE)

Frederico Straube ed., The CAM-CCBC Arbitration Rules 2012: A Commentary (Eleven International Publishing 2016)

Stacie Strong, Research and Practice in International Commercial Arbitration: Sources and Strategies (Oxford University Press 2009)

Guide to the International Sale of Goods Convention (Thomson/West, 2016- )
Available on Westlaw (Westlaw password required)

John Trenor ed., The Guide to Damages in International Arbitration. 2nd ed. (Law Business Research 2017)

Katie Yannaca-Small ed., Arbitration Under International Investment Agreements: A Guide to the Key Issues (Oxford University Press 2010)