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Indian Law: Secondary Sources


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Federal Indian Law
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Indian Treaties
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International Indigenous Law
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Secondary Sources
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Labriola National American Indian Data Center (ASU)
This research collection is international in scope and brings together in one location current and historic information on government, culture, religion and world view, social life and customs, tribal history, and information on individuals from the United States, Canada, Sonora, and Chihuahua, Mexico. The Center has several guides that relate to Indian law, including:


American Indian Law Deskbook, Conference of Western Attorneys General
This is a comprehensive treatise on Indian law presented from the perspective of state officials. It is available in print in the Law Library.

American Indian Law in a Nutshell, William Canby
This Nutshell is an overview of federal Indian law and policy, tribal governments, treaties, gaming, claims to water and land, etc. It is available in print in the Law Library and on West Academic.

Cohen’s Handbook of Federal Indian Law, Felix S. Cohen
This treatise covers federal Indian law, focusing on the relationship among tribes, the states, and the federal government within the context of civil and criminal jurisdiction, as well as areas of resource management and government structure. It is available in print in the Law Library and on Lexis. The 1941 edition is available on the University of Oklahoma’s web site.

Encyclopedia of American Indian Civil Rights, James Stuart Olson and Mark Baxter
This encyclopedia includes brief descriptions of the major concepts, court decisions, Congressional acts, citizen protests, and individuals pertaining to the history of Native American civil rights. It is available in print in the Law Library.

The Encyclopedia of Native American Legal Tradition, Bruce E. Johansen
This work includes entries on cases, laws, treaties, doctrines, organizations, individuals, and tribal law concepts. It is available in print in the Law Library

Fletcher’s Principles of Federal Indian Law, Matthew L.M. Fletcher
This hornbook provides comprehensive coverage of Federal Indian law. It is available in print in the Law Library and on West Academic.

Handbook of North American Indians, William C. Sturtevant
This is multi-volume encyclopedia summarizes knowledge about all native peoples north of Mesoamerica, including cultures, languages, history, prehistory, and human biology. It is available in print in the Law Library.

Reservation “Capitalism”: Economic Development in Indian Country, Robert J. Miller
This book addresses historical, present-day, and potential future economic circumstances of Indian communities. It is available in print in the Law Library and online on campus or remotely with an ASURITE password.

Restatement of the Law Third, The Law of American Indians
This Restatement is still in draft stage. It covers relations between tribes and the federal and state governments, tribal jurisdiction, and Indian country business law. It is available on HeinOnline.

Other treatises can be found in HeinOnline’s American Indian Law Library and through the ASU Library Catalog using subject headings such as:   


The databases listed below provides access to journal articles and other resources related to Indian law. They are available on-campus or remotely with an ASURITE password. 

American Indians and the American West
This resource provides access to a variety of collections from the U.S. National Archives, a series of collections from the Chicago History Museum, as well as selected first-hand accounts on Indian Wars and westward migration. Specific collections include the Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and records from the Major Council Meetings of American Indian Tribes.

America: History & Life
This database contains full-text articles on the history and culture of the United States and Canada from prehistoric to the present time.

American Indian History Online
This database offers access to over 5,000 years of culture, history, and leaders. More than 240 Native American groups are presented through subject entries, biographies, primary source documents, historical maps, and photographs. Search by topic centers sorted by era or by North American culture areas, such as the Northeast, Southwest, Arctic, and California culture areas.

Anthrosource indexes current issues from the American Anthropological Association’s most critical peer-reviewed publications. Coverage is 19th Century to the present.

Arizona and Southwestern Index
As part of the ASU Special Materials Index and covering from pre-history to the present, this resource covers all subjects dealing with Arizona and the Southwest including some southwestern Indian tribes. The index describes materials found in the Arizona Collection at Hayden Library.

Bibliography of Native North Americans
This database covers all aspects of native North American culture, history, and life. It contains more than 141,000 citations of multiple formats covering the U. S. and Canada, and dates of coverage include content from the 16th century to the present.