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Indian Law

Texts and Treatises

You can search for books in the ASU Library catalog by using subject headings such as: Indians of North America – Economic Conditions; Indians of North America – Commerce; and Indian Business Enterprises – United States. You can limit your results to e-books by clicking “Full Text Online” on the right. Print books available in other ASU libraries may be requested and delivered to you at the law library.

Creating Private Sector economies in Native America: Sustainable Development Through Entrepreneurship (Robert J. Miller ed., 2019)
In this title, multiple authors address the underdevelopment of the private sector on American Indian reservations and consider options for eradicating the barriers to expanding private sector engagement on Indian land.

Unlocking the Wealth of Indian Nations (Robert J. Miller, 2016)
Unlocking the Wealth of Indian Nations is a collection of essays (in print and ebook) by a variety of scholars that provide background on the historical economies of American Indian Nations and explore how indigenous resources can be used today to generate wealth.

Tiller’s Guide to Indian Country: Economic Profiles of American Indian Reservations (Veronica E. Velarde Tiller, 2015)
This e-book provides information on the history, culture, land status, economy, and government of federally recognized tribes across the country.  It also offers statistics for tribes as well as tribal contact information.

Reservation “Capitalism”: Economic Development in Indian Country (Robert J. Miller, 2012) 
This book provides a historical perspective of indigenous economic systems and property rights regimes in the United States, as well as examines the present-day circumstances and potential future of the economies of Native American communities.  It is available in print in the law library and as an e-book (on campus or remotely with ASURITE ID).

Web Resources

The Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development
The Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development seeks to foster self-determined social and economic development among American Indian tribes through applied research.  The Project provides access to its reports and articles through the online Publication Search.

U.S. Census Bureau, American Indian and Alaska Native Resources   
The U.S. Census Bureau provides access to data for the American Indian and Alaska Native population including counts, estimates, and statistics at many geographic levels.  Data is available from the 1990, 2000, and 2010 census.

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Office of Native American Affairs
The SBA Office of Native American Affairs works to ensure that American Indians, Native Alaskans, and Native Hawaiians have access to business development and expansion resources available through the SBA.  The website provides information on loans and grants, training materials, and information on starting and managing a business.

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Office of Energy and Economic Development
The BIA Office of Energy and Economic Development helps Indian communities gain economic self-sufficiency through development of resources, application of established business practices, and co-sponsorship of training programs.  The Office’s website offers information on training programs, job placement opportunities, loans, and business resources.

First Nations Development Institute
The First Nations Development Institute supports economic development for American Indian communities through training, policy development, and grant provision.  The five areas the Institute targets are: financial education, combating predatory lending, business development, Native American nonprofits, and Native food and health.

National Congress of American Indians, Economic Development & Commerce
The National Congress of American Indians advocates for investment in tribal economics and works to implement innovative economic policy.  The Congress’ website offers access to NCAI reports and briefings as well as relevant U.S. Congressional documents.

American Indian Economic Development Research Guide
From ASU Libraries’ Labriola National American Indian Data Center.

Native Community Data Profiles
A data resource from the Center for Indian Country Development.