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Indian Law

Tribal Information for Arizona

Arizona Governor - Office of Tribal Relations
The Office of Tribal Relations is the Arizona state liaison to the 22 federally recognized Indian Nations located in Arizona. Their web site includes an Arizona tribal leadership directory, an Arizona tribal lands map, and demographic analysis reports.

Arizona Tribal Community Profiles and Research Protocols
The University of Arizona RDI Native Peoples Technical Assistance Office collaborates with Native nations throughout Arizona and provides research support, education in Indigenous law and governance for Native peoples, and technical assistance for tribal community development. Their web site has policies and protocols for conducting research within reservation boundaries and a map of Arizona Indian reservations.

Inter Tribal Council of Arizona
ITCA is a nonprofit that administers federal, state, and private contracts in the areas of health, research, and environmental quality for tribal governments of twenty-one federally recognized tribes in Arizona.

Navajo Nation Bar Association
The Navajo Nation Bar Association is the largest association that directly serves an Indian Nation and consists of attorneys and other legal professionals as authorized by the Navajo Nation Supreme Court in the surrounding states of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado.

State of Indian Country Arizona Report from Arizona State University
The 2013 State of Indian Country Arizona Report prepared by faculty at Arizona State University profiles the 22 tribes within Arizona and examines challenges and opportunities facing Native peoples in the state. Specific topics addressed include education, cultural rights, health and human services, natural resources, sustainability and economic development.