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Criminal Law

Web Resources

International Criminal Court
Dedicated to trying individuals on charges of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and aggression. The website gathers together court cases, legal texts, an official journal, and reports. See also Commentary on the Law of the International Criminal Court, discussing specific provisions of the statutes that form the legal grounds for international criminal law.

U.N. International Court of Justice
The court hears legal disputes between multiple states and issues advisory opinions on legal questions raised by United Nations organizations. The website gathers cases, jurisdictional information, documents, and news.

Specialized courts:

The following courts do not maintain active websites:

  • International Military Tribunal for Germany: Organized to pursue charges of war crimes against World War II era leaders of Germany. The Nuremberg Trials Project by Harvard Law School's Library includes a database of thousands of documents associated with the trials of Nazi military and political leaders.
  • International Military Tribunal for the Far East: Organized to pursue charges of war crimes against World War II era leaders of Japan.
  • Ad-Hoc Court for East Timor: Organized to seek justice for violence connected with a 1999 independence vote.
  • Iraqi Special Tribunal: Organized to prosecute crimes against humanity, genocide, and war crimes.

Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
This collective of nongovernmental organizations engages in dialogues and projects around the world as part of its mission to "'provide access to justice for all.'"

Coalition for the International Criminal Court
This group of human rights organizations works to enact policy changes to secure justice for international crimes.

International Center for Transitional Justice 
This organization helps victims get justice for human rights violations and works with leaders and protesters to strengthen their work.

International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)
This international organization works with its 195 member countries to share information and resources to track down criminals. Interpol's work ranges from international drug and human trafficking to cybercrime to organized crime and war crimes.

International Criminal Law Bureau
This alliance of experienced international criminal lawyers provides lessons for judges, lawyers, government officials, and students. 

International Justice Resource Center
This group seeks to redress human rights violations and international crimes by providing advocates and victims with information and resources to secure legal remedies.

U.N. Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
This organization is the principal policymaking body of the United Nations on the subjects of crime prevention and criminal justice. It provides research resources on many crimes.

U.N. Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute
This organization is charged with improving policy on crime prevention and control, and it provides news updates and crime-related publications to the public.

U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime
This United Nations group organizes campaigns against particular crimes and works to prevent and control a wide variety of criminal activities, from drug crimes to human trafficking and terrorism.

Daily News on International Criminal Law
Searchable news reports provided by TRIAL International, a nongovernmental organization dedicated to pursuing justice for international crime victims.

International Enforcement Law Reporter (Westlaw password required)
This monthly news resource is fully searchable, with coverage dating back to 2000.

International Law Blog: International Criminal Law
This commentary hub founded by scholars primarily in London provides perspectives on criminal law worldwide.

EJIL Talk!
The blog of the European Journal of International Law includes sections on international criminal law, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, and other tribunals.

Justice in Conflict
This blog focuses on the difficulties of prosecuting crimes related to conduct as well as conflicting ideas of justice.

War Crimes Watch
This biweekly newsletter from Case Western Reserve University School of Law compiles news reports and official documents.

International Criminal Law Review
This Brill Academic Publishers journal tracks policy and cultural issues surrounding enforcement of international criminal law. 

International Review of the Red Cross
This peer reviewed, academic journal focuses on crimes, violence, and humanitarian issues from around the world.

Journal of International Criminal Justice
This publication from Oxford University Press tracks developments including updated policy and upgraded technology in international criminal law and investigations.

Eyes on the ICC
Council for American Students in International Negotiations oversaw this publication dedicated to the International Criminal Court. 

HeinOnline (available on campus or through ASURITE)
Pathfinder categories of individual law review and other academic articles include International Criminal Law and International Criminal Court.

WorldLII: International Courts & Tribunals Collection
This searchable case database includes worldwide courts, regional courts, and special tribunals. 

International Crimes Database
Gathers cases from international, domestic, and hybrid courts, with categories for genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes of aggression, torture, piracy, and terrorism. 

ICC Legal Tools Database
From the Centre for International Law Research and Policy and the European Union, this database includes tutorials on accessing its case law, International Criminal Court documents, international legal instruments, and publications.

Globalex: Searching through Systems: Research Guide for UN Criminal Tribunals
GlobaLex is a resource from the NYU School of Law that is dedicated to international, comparative, and foreign law research. This research guide includes advice on using tribunal systems to research cases and consulting secondary sources.

Commentary on the Law of the International Criminal Court
Discussing specific provisions of the statutes that form the legal grounds for international criminal law.

Westlaw: International Materials (Westlaw password required)
Westlaw's foreign and international legal materials are contained within this separate database.

Lexis: International (Lexis password required)
Lexis' foreign and international legal materials are contained within this separate database.


To find additional sources through the ASU Library catalog, try using a subject heading such as International Criminal Law or International Crimes.

An Introduction to Transnational Criminal Law (Neil Boister, 2018)
Introduces the definitions and elements of a transnational crime (one that crosses international boundaries) and the transnational criminal legal system’s goals before delving into specific problems including maritime piracy, human trafficking, drug trafficking, terrorism, organized crime, environmental crimes, and artifacts. Then it explores enforcement of crimes, including jurisdictional issues and international cooperation. Finally, it discusses the U.N. and other international institutions dedicated to criminal enforcement and the future of transnational criminal law.

Routledge Handbook of Transnational Criminal Law (Neil Boister & Robert J. Currie eds., 2017)
This anthology introduces the nature of transnational crime and the organizations dedicated to fighting crime that spans international borders. It discusses jurisdictional issues and police cooperation, asset recovery and extradition, before discussing the major transnational crimes including human trafficking, smuggling, environmental crimes, and organized crime. Finally, it addresses the challenges associated with implementing transnational criminal law.

International Criminal Law in a Nutshell (David P. Stewart, 2019)
Lays out the elements of international and transnational criminal law, with emphasis on jurisdiction, extradition, and international courts. Details legal elements including modes of participation for the accused and recognized defenses. Also available as an ebook on West Academic (accessible on campus or with West Academic account).

Prosecuting International Crimes: A Multidisciplinary Approach (Bartłomiej Krzan ed., 2016)
This anthology, available as an ebook, breaks down individual criminal responsibility under international law, institutional and procedural issues of international criminal law, and the impact of domestic law.

Green Crimes and International Environmental Law (Regina Menachery Paulose ed., 2022)
This collection explores green crimes--violations of law that harm wildlife, ecosystems, and humans directly--in the international context. Green crimes are not only a present but future human rights concern. The book explores novel legal systems to help protect the environment.

International Law and Transnational Organized Crime (Pierre Hauck & Sven Peterke eds., 2016)
This title, available in print and as an ebook, traces the development of transnational organized crime and its impact on states, and the legal regimes that fight back. In addition, it outlines the challenges of investigating organized crime including policing and technological aspects.

International Criminal Law: Intersections and Contradictions (Beth Van Schaack & Ronald Slye, 2021)
This ebook recounts the development of international criminal law and introduces the key features of the field, including jurisdiction, how crimes become internationalized, and the principle of legality. This book also explores intersections between international criminal law and fields including the law of war. It discusses legal cases including defenses and excuses. Also available as an ebook on West Academic (accessible on campus or with West Academic account).

The Cambridge Companion to International Criminal Law (William Schabas ed., 2016)
This anthology, available as an ebook, traces the purposes and principles that justify the existence of international criminal law, and it introduces the tribunals, crimes, major prosecutions, and concerns about the future of the field of law.

Necessity or Nuisance? Recourse to Human Rights in Substantive International Criminal Law (Julia Gebhard, 2018)
This ebook explores the compatibility of human rights in defining behaviors subject to criminal sanctions internationally. This book offers potential solutions to address incompatibilities between human rights and international criminal law.

Classical Morality in International Peremptory Criminal Law (Farhad Malekian, 2018)
This ebook explores morality as the heart of the justification for much of criminal law, and searches for legal norms accepted since ancient times.

Reparations and Victim Support in the International Criminal Court (Conor McCarthy, 2012)
This ebook explores the present state of victim rights and reparations under international criminal law, including proceedings and court orders.

The Elgar Companion to the International Criminal Court (Margaret deGuzman & Valerie Oosterveld eds., 2020)
This ebook details the development of the International Criminal Court from the Rome Conference and examines its operations today. Major issues facing the court include human rights compliance, and adjusting understanding of sex and gender.

Strengthening the Validity of International Criminal Tribunals (Joanna Nicholson ed., 2018)
This anthology, available as an ebook, explores various potential ways to improve international criminal courts that go beyond utilitarian matters such as deterrence, including better evidence evaluation and building trust with the world community, particularly in Africa.

The Mirage of International Criminal Law: Kant's Metaphysics of Mens Rea (Farhad Malekian, 2018)
This ebook provides a philosophical approach to international criminal law explores concepts such as morality and mental culpability for crimes. 

The Legitimacy of International Criminal Tribunals (Nobuo Hayashi & Cecilia M. Bailliet eds., 2019)
This ebook explores legitimacy from a variety of perspectives, including the advancement of criminal policy objectives, the legality and objectivity of the courts, and victim participation.