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Criminal Law

Treatises and Reference

Arizona Legal Research (Tamara Herrera, 2017)
Arizona Legal Research details the process of legal research in Arizona. It provides information on Arizona secondary sources, constitutional law, statutes (including legislative history), administrative law, and cases. Arizona Legal Research also includes a chapter on researching Indian law, a prevalent topic in Arizona legal practice.

Arizona Practice Series
The Arizona Practice Series is a 14-volume set published by Thomson Reuters that is written for Arizona practitioners and provides explanations of legal topics, tips for client representation, and citations to relevant statutes, cases, and other primary sources.  The print set is located in the Reference Collection of the library, near the Reference Desk, and is kept current. All volumes are also available on Westlaw (Westlaw password required).

  • Arizona Trial Handbook, Volume 8 of the Arizona Practice Series; a topically arranged guide for lawyers to all phases of civil and criminal cases in Arizona state courts.
  • Law of Evidence, Volume 1 of the Arizona Practice Series; provides an overview of the Arizona Rules of Evidence.

Arizona DUI Trial Notebook  (Bruce H. Chalk, Christina Cabanillas, C. Daniel Carrion & Daniel S. Jurkowitz)
This volume covers issues such as the constitutionality of DUI statutes, the stop, contact, testing, pretrial, trial, post-trial, and miscellaneous issues. The appendices include DUI laws, relevant regulations, sample voir dire questions, sample questions for officers and experts, DUI jury instructions, and a table of authorities. 

Arizona Jury Instructions—Criminal (Lexis password required)
Includes standard and statutory jury instructions, non-criminal instructions, non-capital aggravating circumstances instructions, and capital case sentencing instructions 

Revised Arizona Jury Instructions (Criminal) 
Includes standard instructions, with sources, use notes, and comments.

Search and Seizure (Christina M. Cabanillas, 2016)
This resource from the State Bar of Arizona discusses the federal and state constitutional provisions governing police investigatory work in Arizona. It expounds upon all points in the analysis of government search and seizure activity, including whether a search warrant is required in particular scenarios and whether improperly gathered evidence must be excluded at trial. It also summarizes the analysis into a concise step by step guide. 

Web Resources

Arizona Attorney General's Office: Criminal Division
This agency prosecutes crimes. It includes sections on capital litigation, appeals, election integrity, and victim services.

Arizona Courts: Criminal Law
This resource provides information on the criminal justice process, sentencing, postconviction relief, and forms for people seeking changes to their criminal records.

Arizona Criminal Justice Commission
This state government agency provides assistance to victims, reports on crime and criminal justice system statistics, and updates on criminal justice provisions discussed in the state Legislature.

Arizona Department of Public Safety
This resource provides updates on public safety issues including crime, alerts on missing people, the state sex offender registry, and news and reference information about Arizona crime issues and troopers' work. 

Arizona Revised Statutes: Criminal Code: Available on Lexis (Lexis password required) and Westlaw (Westlaw password required) as well as the state Legislature website, defining procedure, establishing general principles of liability,  crimes, and defenses, setting punishments, and listing victims' rights.

Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure

Arizona Court Rules
Westlaw provides free access to an unannotated version of the Arizona Court Rules.

Criminal Court Decisions

Court Dockets 
Bloomberg Law (Bloomberg Law password required) provides access to state docket information. Case dockets provide information about the legal issues and events of a case, as well as the people involved including the judge, attorneys, and parties. 

Arizona Municipal Codes
Available on Lexis (Lexis password required), Municode, and American Legal Publishing Corp.

Phoenix Municipal Code
Chapter 23, Morals and Conduct, includes offenses subject to punishment within the City of Phoenix.

Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice
An association of criminal defense lawyers with a stated mission of protecting individual rights and the rule of law.

Arizona Criminal Justice Commission: Statistical Analysis Center
Gathering crime statistics and evaluating justice programs in the state.

State Bar of Arizona Criminal Justice Section
The Criminal Justice Section of the Arizona State Bar Association provides link to a number of criminal law resources, including Arizona-specific resources, on its Criminal Justice Resources page.

Crime in Arizona Reports
The Arizona Department of Public Safety presents statistics from throughout the state on crime, as well as related data such as arrests.

City of Phoenix
Phoenix, Arizona provides statistics and location data of crimes on its Crime Statistics and Maps page, as well as information on police calls and officer involved shootings, and detailed reports of recent crimes (type the current year into the "search" bar).