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Election Law

Texts and Treatises

Below is a short list of treatises in the ASU libraries’ collection related to the legal issues of election law.  You can search for other resources in the ASU catalog by using subject headings such as Election law.

Election Law and Democratic Theory (David A. Schultz, 2014)
This book provides a full-length examination of the political theories and principles and democratic values underlying current election law debates and the regulation of political campaigns and participants in the United States. Topics covered range from campaign finance reform, voting rights, reapportionment, and ballot access to the rights of political parties, the media, and other players in the system.

The Election Law Primer for Corporations (Jan W. Baran, 2008)
This American Bar Association primer covers the fast-changing landscape of campaign finance and lobbying laws. It begins with a discussion about campaign finance rules, political action committees (PACs), and campaign communications and activities by and at the corporation.

Guide to Political Campaigns in America (Paul S. Herrnson et al., 2005)
Created by CQ Press, this unique and comprehensive volume explores the history, issues, processes and people, and types of campaigns.

Law and Election Politics: the Rules of the Game (Matthew J. Streb, 2005)
Law and Election Politics illustrates how election laws and electoral politics are intertwined, analyzing the rules of the game and some of the most important―and most controversial―decisions the courts have made on a variety of election-related subjects.

Local Elections and the Politics of Small-Scale Democracy (Eric J. Oliver et al., 2012)
This book posits a new theory of voting behavior, arguing that local elections are based on personal connections to voters with similar community ties, rather than partisanship and ideology.

Westlaw (Westlaw password required)

America Votes! A Guide to Modern Election Law & Voting (Benjamin E. Griffith, ed., 2012)

A guide to American elections published by the American Bar Association

Principles of the Law, Election Administration: Non-Precinct Voting and Resolution of Ballot-Counting (2023)

The first part of this work contains the rules for "non-precinct voting"-the casting of ballots by means other than the traditional polling-place on Election Day. The second part concerns general principles for the resolution of disputed elections and is applicable to both presidential and nonpresidential elections. The third part concerns presidential election disputes specifically and establishes procedures to resolve a disputed presidential election within the narrow time constraints established by Congress.