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Election Law

Study Aids

Election Law in a Nutshell (Daniel P. Tokaji, 2017)
Available in print in the library and digitally on West Academic study aids (password required).
This Nutshell provides a succinct and thorough description of the law governing elections, the right to vote, and the political process in the United States. The topics addressed include “one person, one vote,” gerrymandering, minority voting rights, ballot access, voter identification, recounts, direct democracy, and campaign finance.

Examples & Explanations for Legislation, Statutory Interpretation, and Election Law (Richard L. Hasen, 2020)
Available in print in the library and digitally on Aspen Learning Library (password required).
This is an up-to-date, user-friendly, and clear student-oriented treatise tackling the complex subjects in this field, including statutory interpretation, lobbying, bribery, redistricting, campaign finance law, and voting rights.