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Intellectual Property

Copyright, Patent, Trademark, and Trade Secrets

Online Resources

Bloomberg Law - Copyrights (Bloomberg password required)
Bloomberg Law's Copyrights page hosts a suite of information for the copyright researcher that covers: practice tools, news & analysis, opinions & dockets, regulatory materials, legal analysis, and international IP law.

Lexis - Copyright Resources (Lexis password required)
Lexis hosts a suite of information for the copyright researcher that covers: Constitutional Copyright Protections, Infringement Actions, Foreign & International Protections, and the Scope of Copyright Protections.

Lexis Practical Guidance - Copyright
Lexis also provides practical content including forms, checklists, and practical guidance.

Westlaw: Intellectual Property - Copyright (Westlaw password required)
Westlaw hosts a suite of materials for copyright researchers covering: administrative materials, litigation resources, legislative & regulatory primary documents, and authoritative secondary sources.

Westlaw Practical Law: Copyright
Westlaw also provides practical content including checklists, practice notes, summary overviews, and forms related to copyright law to help practitioners stay compliant and efficient in their workflows.

United States Copyright Office
The United States Copyright Office (sometimes abbreviated USCO), a part of the Library of Congress, is the official U.S. government body that maintains records of copyright registration in the United States including a Copyright Catalog. 

U.S. Copyright Office Registration Portal
This government circular provides guidelines for submitting a complete, accurate copyright claim.

Circular 2 - Copyright Registration (PDF)
This circular provides guidelines for submitting a complete, accurate copyright claim. It covers: completing online and paper applications, submitting a filing fee, preparing a deposit copy, communicating with the copyright office, and determining when your registration takes effect.

U.S. Copyright Office - Preregistration information
Information about copyright preregistration, including when it might be appropriate, which types of work apply, and how to preregister your copyright.

Columbia University Libraries - Copyright Advisory Services Quick Guide
This guide, produced by Columbia University Libraries, gives an overview of the basics of copyright law and provides simple guidance on how to avoid running afoul of copyright protections.

Fair Use Checklist
This is a checklist of the four factors that courts use to determine fair use, with explanations, for readers trying to navigate this doctrine.

Deep Dive: Legal Backgrounder on the Best Practices in Fair Use and Their Validity
The Center for Media and Social Impact, along with Stanford Libraries has created a guide on the best practices for Fair Use materials.

Books and Treatises

Below is a short list of treatises in the ASU Library collection related to the legal issues of copyright law.  You can search for other resources in the ASU Library catalog by using subject headings such as: Copyright -- Fair use; and Copyright -- United States.

Goldstein on Copyright (Paul Goldstein, 2018)
Goldstein on Copyright is a five-volume treatise that fully covers emerging issues in information and entertainment technologies as well as securing, protecting, acquiring, selling, transferring, or licensing copyrights anywhere in the world; includes analysis of new court decisions, Lanham Act Section 43(a), vicarious liability, public performance, and more.

Lindey on Entertainment, Publishing and the Arts: Agreements and the Law (Alexander Lindey & Michael Landeau, 2020)
Available in Westlaw (Westlaw password required)
Lidney on Entertainment, Publishing and the Arts is an eight-volume treatise covering: fair use, duration of copyright, copyrighted works posted to social media, marks consisting of domain names, trade dress and functionality, unfair and false advertising, regulation of nonobscene offensive content, and the Visual Artists Rights Act.  It also contains forms for many of these transactions.

Nimmer on Copyright: A Treatise on the Law of Literary, Musical and Artistic Property, and the Protection of Ideas (Melville B. Nimmer, M. Bender, 1978+)
Available in Lexis (Lexis password required)
Nimmer on Copyright is an eleven-volume authoritative treatise that provides an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of modern U.S. copyright law affecting printed works, plays and motion pictures, music, artistic property, software, and digital content delivered over the Internet.

Digital Treatises

Copyright Law in Business & Practice (John W. Hazard, Jr, 2021 - Westlaw password required)
Copyright Law in Business and Practice covers all aspects of copyright issues, from protection afforded first-time authors to protection of business logos, computer programs, databases, and semiconductor chip products.

Copyright Law Reporter (available on campus or remotely with ASURITE)
Provided by Wolters Kluwer's VitalLaw, this two-volume reference provides the full text of federal laws, precedent-setting court decisions, annotated explanations, Copyright Office forms, official circulars and reference materials.

Examples and Explanations: Intellectual Property (McJohn, Stephen M., 2021)
Available in print in the library and digitally on Aspen Learning Library (password required).
Using Examples & Explanations pedagogy, this study guide covers the core concepts of intellectual property law: copyright, patent, trademark, and trade secrets.

Intellectual Property: Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright in a Nutshell (Miller, Arthur R., 2018)
Available in print in the library and digitally on West Academic study aids (password required).
This text, by famed Harvard professor Arthur Miller, includes patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Further, it addresses torts and property; antitrust and government regulation; concepts of federalism and state and federal conflicts.

News and Current Awareness

Bloomberg Law: IP Law News (Bloomberg password required)
Bloomberg Law is a renowned provider of legal news and has a section covering US intellectual property, including copyright.

Law360 Intellectual Property (Lexis password required)
Law360 is the legal news subdivision of LexisNexis and offers news on topics related to intellectual property and copyright.

Westlaw Intellectual Property News (Westlaw password required)
Westlaw's news sections pulls from a wide range of sources to allow the user to search and filter for terms related to trademark law.

Art Law and More
Art Law & More is brought to you by a team of art law specialists from Boodle Hatfield LLP and contributors from the art world.  It provides international news and analysis about copyright law.

Internet Cases
This blog is written by Evan Brown, a professor a the University of Chicago and partner at Much Shelist.  It covers federal and state court decisions related to social media, blogging and copyright. 

Kluwer Copyright Blog
Kluwer Copyright Blog is a publication of Kluwer Law International, providing information and news on European copyright law. We have assembled a group of leading experts, comprising practicing lawyers and academics to report on the latest developments.