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Sports Law


Sports law encompasses a multitude of legal topics including intellectual property, torts, contracts, and antitrust law. This research guide provides guidance on how to conduct legal research related to sports law and the variety of legal issues that arise within amateur and professional sports.  The guide includes information on relevant secondary sources, useful databases and indexes, and online resources that will help the sports law researcher.

Sports Law Books and Reference Materials

The ASU Library has a number of print and electronic books in its collection related to sports law. The list below highlights a small number of those resources; you can search the ASU Library catalog for additional titles.

Advanced Introduction to Global Sports Law (Stephen F. Ross, 2021)
This book is a succinct introduction to key topics of the law specific to sports, comparing approaches to sports law across the globe, with particular focus on the United States, Europe, and common law jurisdictions.

The Business of Sports Agents  2nd ed. (Kenneth L. Shropshire and Timothy Davis, 2008) 
This book explores the business of sports agents and its rules and regulations.

Essentials of Sports Law (Glenn M. Wong, 2002) 
This treatise provides an in-depth look at the legal issues that impact the sports industry.  Major topics covered include torts, contracts, labor and employment law, intellectual property law, gender discrimination, athletes with disabilities, drug testing, and sports agents. 

Fundamentals of Sports Law 2nd ed. (Walter T. Champion, 2020 update)
This treatise, available electronically on Westlaw (Westlaw password required). is a practical guide to the legal aspects of sports.  It addresses topics including contracts, labor law, torts, and constitutional implications.  The appendices include sample forms and letters, as well as the text of important laws related to sports. 

How to Play the Game: What Every Sports Attorney Needs to Know  (Darren A. Heitner, 2014)
This book offers an overview of the sports law field. Individual chapters address topics including contract drafting and negotiation, collective bargaining agreements, intellectual property matters, drug testing and use, antitrust issues, and sports betting.

Intellectual Property Law in the Sports and Entertainment Industries (Walter T. Champion, 2014, ebook through ASU Library) 
This is a survey of intellectual property law issues in the sports and entertainment industries, including trademark, trade secrets, and patents.

The Oxford Handbook of American Sports Law  (Michael A. McCann and Glenn M. Wong, 2018)
In this book, leading scholars explore controversies in American sports law.

Sports and Antitrust Law (ABA, 2014)
This book is by the American Bar Association, Section of Antitrust Law.

Sports Justice: The Law and Business of Sports (Roger I. Abrams, 2010, ebook through ASU Libraries) 
This book examines the legal issues faced by amateur and professional athletes, such as Title IX, violence, amateurism and college sports, and the safety responsibility of leagues.

Sports Law in a Nutshell 5th ed. (Walter T. Champion, 2017, ebook through West Academic) 
This Nutshell is a compact analysis of the elements of sports law including contracts, agents, financial considerations, labor law, antitrust, torts, participant and spectator injuries, school and coach liability, sex discrimination, and intellectual property. It is also available in print in the Law Library’s Study Skills collection.

Sports Law Practice 3rd ed. (James T. Gray, 2020, on Lexis)
This treatise covers collective bargaining agreements, contracts, licensing, and tax planning. Appendices include sample forms.

Other Secondary Sources

Another secondary source that is helpful in finding case law about sports issues is American Law Reports (ALR), available on Westlaw, Lexis, and in print in the law library.

HeinOnline has a searchable collection of sports law journals.

International Sports Law Research Guide   
This guide covers Olympics, Court of Arbitration for Sport, anti-doping, human rights, and EU resources.