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Environmental Law and Sustainability

Texts and Treatises

You can search for online and print treatises ASU Library catalog by using subject headings such as Water – Law and Legislation and Water Rights

The Right to Water Politics, Governance, and Social Struggles (Farhana Sultana & Alex Loftus, 2012)
Diving into the complexities of the debate surrounding a human right to water, a scarce, expensive, indispensable resource producing a long history of conflict and cooperation.

Sustainable Solutions for Water Resources Planning, Design, and Implementation (James L. Sipes, 2010)
Amid the backdrop of increasing water demand and growing scarcity due to climate change, this book explores best management practices for water policy and infrastructure.

Water Law in a Nutshell (Sandra B. Zellmer & Adel L. Amos, 2021)
Introducing the central legal doctrines involved in distributing water resources, including the Western prior appropriation system of "first in time, first in right," groundwater management systems, and legal issues involving Indian reservations and interstate resources. Also available on West Academic (available on campus or with West Academic account).

Waters and Water Rights (Amy K. Kelley ed., 2019)
A deeper dive into the legal structures governing water distribution, from surface water allocation through prior appropriation or riparian rights, to groundwater. Discusses the public right to use water, Indian reservation rights, transboundary distribution, and environmental controls.

Interdisciplinary Databases

AGRICOLA (available on campus or remotely with ASURITE)
‚ÄčAGRICOLA is a National Agricultural Library database, provides access to articles and books from 1970 to the present.

Environment Complete (available on campus or remotely with ASURITE)
This database has articles published worldwide on topics such as natural resources, marine & freshwater science, pollution management, environmental technology, public policy, and social impacts.

GeoRef (available on campus or remotely with ASURITE)
GeoRef provides access to U.S. and Canadian articles, books, conference proceedings, technical reports, and more on topics such as hydrology and oceanography.

Google Scholar   
Google Scholar allows searching of multidisciplinary scholarly literature including articles, papers, books, abstracts, and technical reports from a wide variety of resources.

PAIS Index (available on campus or remotely with ASURITE)
PAIS Index is a searchable database of articles dealing with public affairs, public and social policies, and international relations.

You can search for additional resources through the following database subject list: Sustainability and Environment.

International and Foreign Laws

UN–Water – coordinates the United Nations’ efforts on water issues, including the following organizations:

Researching the Human Right to Water with an Annotated Bibliography
This GlobaLex research guide, from the New York University School of Law, investigates research issues related to the right to water and suggests research methodologies.

Foreign Law Guide 
This resource gives citations to environment and natural resources laws arranged alphabetically by country, along with information about how to find that country’s laws. You must be on the ASU campus to access this resource. Go to the “Laws by Subject” tab to locate laws by topic.

Global Legal Information Catalog
This Library of Congress site leads users to publications that reprint the laws of multiple jurisdictions on a particular topic. It is searchable by country, topic, author, and keyword.

A collection of foreign law research guides.

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals
This HeinOnline index will lead you to law articles from countries worldwide. 

World Legal Information Institute
The World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII) is a free global legal research site developed collaboratively by a number of Legal Information Institutes and other participants in the free access to law movement. It includes almost 900 databases from 123 countries.

Web Resources

Arizona Water Blueprint
This resource from the Kyl Center for Water Policy at ASU gathers detailed information on state water resources, including hydrography, legal regimes, infrastructure, and water habitats. It offers visual narratives of Arizona's water story, combining maps, data, and multimedia content.

Kyl Center for Water Policy
This ASU program gathers resources including news, publications, and blogs, as well as information on water allocation and adjudication reform projects

State Water Departments:

Congressional Research Service Reports   
CRS provides research and analysis for Congress. Although there is no comprehensive source for this useful resource, the National Agricultural Law Center has a compilation of CRS reports dealing with water law. is a source for all federal bills, regardless of whether they have been enacted. It includes links to accompanying committee reports and House and Senate debates published in the Congressional Record. This web site also provides easy access to bills from the current Congress organized by topic.

EPA Water Division 
One useful aspect of this EPA web site is its regulatory information organized by topic.  You can also view water entries in EPA's blogs and subscribe to EPA's Water News.

Federal Register 
The Federa Register contains notices of proposed and final rulemaking that federal agencies are required to publish, as well as other documents. This web site organizes the Federal Register by subject.

HeinOnline’s Federal Legislative History Library (available on campus or remotely with ASURITE)
This HeinOnline resource includes documents related to the Clean Water Act, the Clean Water Act Amendments, and other legislation. The easiest way to locate legislative history on HeinOnline is by Popular Name.

Environmental Law Institute: Western Water Program
This organization dedicated to environmental and economic health provides guidance on Western water policy initiatives including distribution, pollution control, wastewater reclamation, and legal reforms.

Great Lakes Law
This blog by Wayne State University Law School Professor Noah Hall features news and commentary on environmental justice, interstate governance, water quality, and other issues involving the Great Lakes.

International Water Law Blog
This blog led by Texas A&M Professor Gabriel Eckstein explores international treaties, pacts between countries, and the tensions at play in sharing transboundary watercourses.

Texas Agriculture Law Blog: Water Law Archives
This resource compiles all posts related to water distribution and quality from the Texas A&M agricultural law blog.

University of Denver Water Law Review Blog
News and commentary on water distribution, water quality, and other issues, with a focus on the Western United States.