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Tax Research

Research Databases

There are several comprehensive online tax research databases which collect and organize materials and have sophisticated searching capabilities.  These databases are primarily developed for use by experienced tax professionals.  

VitalLaw (available on campus and remotely with ASURITE)
The VitalLink's database provides access to federal and state tax codes and cases. The database includes Letter Rulings, IRS Positions (including TAMs and FSAs) and IRS Publications.   It also contains the Standard Federal Income Tax Reporter and the Tax Treaties Reporter.  Additionally, the database offers Tax Tracker News, a collection of daily journals, which can be customized by subject and jurisdiction and received as an email alert.

RIA Checkpoint (available on campus and remotely with ASURITE)
The RIA Checkpoint Tax Database offers access to federal, state, and local tax laws and regulations, IRS rulings and releases, IRS forms and publications, and much more.  It contains the Federal Tax Coordinator 2d, United States Tax Reporter, Internal Revenue Bulletin, and has selected Warren Gorham & Lamont tax journals and treatises.  Checkpoint also provides access to tax news via daily updates from RIA Daily Updates, Daily Tax Report, IBFD Tax News Service, and WG&L Journal Previews.

Westlaw Practitioner Insights for Tax (Westlaw password required)
Westlaw's Practitioner Insights for Tax page provides a central location within the database for accessing tax materials including the Internal Revenue Code, regulations, cases, IRS ruling and pronouncements, daily and weekly current awareness services, and journals. Westlaw also provides the full text of Thomson-West treatises, including RIA services and Warren Gorham & Lamont titles.  A few specific Westlaw resources are listed below:

Lexis: Tax Law (Lexis password required)
Lexis provides access to the Internal Revenue Code, regulations, cases, IRS ruling and pronouncements, daily and weekly current awareness services, as well as the full text of Wiley and Matthew Bender treatises.  

Bloomberg Law: Federal Tax (Bloomberg Law password required)
The Bloomberg Law: Federal Tax page provides access to primary sources such as the Internal Revenue Code, Treasury Regulations, IRS proposed regulations, federal tax cases, and tax treaties. It also includes a number of secondary sources, including BNA tax portfolios and journal articles. The database contains similar resources for state tax materials