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Bloomberg-BNA, How ADR Works (Norman Brand ed., 2002) (Bloomberg Law password required)
Chapter 47 goes into detail on drafting ADR agreements and the differences in writing agreements before and after deals are struck. The volume also includes sample agreements for the different dispute resolution methods.

Drafting Dispute Resolution Clauses (American Arbitration Association, 2013).
“A well-constructed AAA dispute resolution clause can provide certainty by defining the process prior to a dispute, after which agreement becomes more problematic. This Guide is designed to assist drafters in constructing basic clauses for negotiation, mediation, and arbitration, as well as more comprehensive clauses that address a variety of issues.”

AAA-ICDR Clause Drafting (American Arbitration Association, 2013)

This self guided process helps practitioners develop clear, effective mediation and arbitration agreements.

Practical Law, Standard Documents (Westlaw password required)
Westlaw offers modifiable documents related to alternative dispute resolution, including the following: