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Foreclosure, Homeowners Associations, and Landlord/Tenant


Homeowners Association Dispute Process – Arizona Department of Real Estate
In 2011, the Arizona Legislature passed legislation providing Arizona homeowners and condominium and planned community associations (HOA’s) a venue for resolving disputes. This Arizona Department of Real Estate website details the administrative procedures available as an alternative to the civil court system.

Arizona Association of Community Managers
The Arizona Association of Community Managers (AACM) is a professional organization dedicated to promoting a positive understanding of community associations and the contribution of professional management services in the development, establishment and maintenance of high-quality, well-managed neighborhoods. 

Arizona Association of Realtors 
The Arizona Association of Realtors provides information to consumers about living and selling in planned communities. Links are provided for consumer assistance. The website also includes many real estate forms including those that regard condominiums, HOA's, and planned communities. For forms click here and browse the list.

Scottsdale Council of Homeowners Associations 
The Scottsdale Council of Homeowners Associations is an organization for member associations to share information about homeowners associations.  

Primary Law

There is no state agency that regulates homeowners associations (HOAs) in Arizona. You can find Arizona laws that relate to HOAs through the resources listed below.

The Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated is the official statutory code for the State of Arizona. 

Selected Arizona statutes relating to the homeowners associations are listed below:

Title 33, Chapter 9, Condominiums
Title 33, Chapter 11, Arizona Mobile Home Parks Residential Landlord and Tenant Act
Title 33, Chapter 16, Planned Communities
Title 33, Chapter 18, Homeowners Association Dwelling Actions
Title 33, Chapter 20, Timeshare Owners' Association and Management Act

Free Resources
Ross-Blakley Law Library: The statutes are available in print in the law library in the Arizona Reference Collection (3rd floor).

Arizona State Legislature: Contains full-text session laws from the 43rd Legislature (1997) to the present

 Subscription Resources
Lexis (Lexis password required)

Westlaw (Westlaw password required)
     Arizona Statutes and Court Rules: current version of the Arizona statutes, constitution, and court rules
     Arizona Statutes Annotated Historical: 1988–last year
     Arizona Statutes Index


Community Association Law in Arizona (Scott B. Carpenter, 2015)
This loose-leaf treatise discusses a wide variety of topics related to homeowners associations, including information about condominiums, planned communities, nonprofit corporations, common law, and statutory exceptions to broad association power. This treatise is designed specifically for the practitioner, but it may also be useful for the individual seeking a broad overview of information related to homeowner association law in Arizona. 

Condominium and Co-op Deskbook: A Practical Guide to Commercial and Residential Properties (William Jay Lippman, 2009)
This practical, easy-to-read guide explains the legal, business, financial, and tax advantages of commercial condos to unit owners, as well as all the lender and tenant issues and drafting concerns that must be considered to make these agreements work. This resource includes sample forms and helpful information for practitioners handling closings of condominiums and co-ops. While designed primarily for practitioners, this resource may also be useful to those who are seeking general information. 

Understanding Property Law (John G. Sprankling, 2017)
This treatise is designed primarily for law students, but contains a wealth of information related to property law that would be useful to anyone. It also discusses the rights and duties of homeowners’ associations in addition to information related to common-interest communities.