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Arizona Law

Access to Public Records

According to Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) § 41-151:  "records" means all books, papers, maps, photographs or other documentary materials, regardless of physical form or characteristics, including prints or copies of such items produced or reproduced on film or electronic media pursuant to section 41-151.16, made or received by any governmental agency in pursuance of law or in connection with the transaction of public business and preserved or appropriate for preservation by the agency or its legitimate successor as evidence of the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations or other activities of the government, or because of the informational and historical value of data contained in the record.

See Generally:  
Arizona Revised Statutes Title 39
Arizona Revised Statutes Title 41, Chapter 8

Example of other laws that may apply:  
Arizona Administrative Code Title 9, Chapter 19 (Vital Records and Statistics)

Some agencies make records available for free online. Some provide free online searching, but require that forms be submitted for records requests. Some restrict access to verified users (e.g., attorneys).

In Person
Some agencies, such as a Clerk of Court or Recorder's Office, provide access to public records at terminals located on premises. The agency may charge printing fees for copies of records. This is often the most effective way to search for records if online access is not available.

By Mail, Fax, or Telephone
Upon request, most agencies will provide records by mail, fax, or telephone. The agency may charge printing and/or postage fees for copies of records. Access may be limited if you do not have enough information to identify the record(s) you are seeking. To expedite the process, submit a records request form for the particular agency.

City Records Phoenix City Clerk
Corporations Arizona Corporation Commission
Court Records Arizona Judicial Branch Case Lookup
County Records Maricopa County Public Records Request
Genealogy Arizona Department of Health Services
Licenses Medical licenses:  Arizona Medical Board
Business licenses:  Department of Revenue
Contractor licenses:  Registrar of Contractors
Liens Vehicle liens:  Arizona Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Division
Uniform Commercial Code liens:  Office of the Secretary of State
Property liens:  Liens may be filed with the Arizona County Recorder's Office in the county where the property is located. Liens may also be filed with the Arizona Superior Court in the county in which the lien was filed.
Lobbyists Arizona Secretary of State
Police Records Police records are maintained by the city or town where the offense occurred.