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Family Law

Court Resources

Maricopa County Superior Court, Family Department 
Maricopa County Superior Court offers many resources on its Family Department website. 

  • Divorce Proceedings: this webpage gives an overview of how to pursue a divorce decree in the Arizona Superior Court, and provides links to instructions and necessary forms. 
  • Family Court Forms: forms for filing with the Superior Court to get a court order, enforce a court order, and modify a court order, as well as forms for other requests such as asking for mediation or conciliation services.
  •  ez Court Forms: the Superior Court of Arizona’s portal for preparing court documents online. The website contains interactive interviews (questionnaires) that aid in completing the necessary forms to create court documents for Legal Separation, Dissolution of Marriage, Conciliation, and more. It also provides a Child Support Calculator as well as offers a template for creating a Parenting Plan.

Arizona Supreme Court - Family Law
The Arizona Supreme Court also offers information and resources on its Family Law website.

  • Arizona Child Support Guidelines: The Arizona Child Support Guidelines  are meant to establish a standard of support for children consistent with the children’s needs and the ability of parents to pay, and to give parents and courts guidance in establishing child support orders.
  • Child Support Calculator: information about calculating a child support order.
  • Covenant Marriage: information concerning covenant marriage and how to obtain a legal separation or divorce for those in a covenant marriage.

Agency Resources

Arizona Department of Economic Security 
The Arizona Department of Economic Security provides information about payment of child support on its Child Support Services webpage. The Child Support Enforcement program collects child support from parents who are obligated to pay. It also administers a number of services to parents. Any person with custody of a child who needs assistance in establishing paternity, a child support or medical support order, or a parent who needs help enforcing a child support order, is eligible for services.

  • Forms: forms for requesting services, acknowledging paternity, waiving paternity, paying child support electronically, and more.
  • Informational pamphlets: informational pamphlets, available in both English and Spanish, including What Every Parent Should Know About Establishing Paternity,How to Apply for IV-D Child Support Services, A Custodial Parent's Guide to Case Closure, and Understanding the Disbursement of Your Child Support Payment.
  • Make a payment: child support can be paid online through this Department of Economic Security webpage.