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Family Law


The Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated is the official statutory code for the State of Arizona. Marital and Domestic Relations laws are in Title 25.

Selected Arizona statutes relating to the dissolution of marriage (divorce) are listed below:
Selected Arizona statutes relating to child custody and child support are listed below:

Free Resources
Ross-Blakley Law Library: The statutes are available in print in the Arizona Reference and Arizona State collections of the Law Library (3rd floor of the Law Library).

Arizona State Legislature: Contains full-text session laws from the 43rd Legislature (1997) to the present

Nexis Uni: Remote access is available for law faculty and students. 

Subscription Resources
Lexis (Lexis password required)

Westlaw (Westlaw password required)


For information on accessing Arizona court opinions, see the Law Library's Arizona Courts guide.

Court Rules

The Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure govern the procedure in the Superior Court of Arizona in all family law cases arising out of Title 25 of the Arizona Revised Statutes.
Arizona Rules of Court, State
This text contains all major Arizona state court rules, Arizona child support guidelines, and the Local Rules of Practice of Superior Courts, including Coconino, Maricopa, and Pima counties.

Arizona Rules of Court, Federal 

This text includes the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Evidence, and Appellate Procedure, Local Rules of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and local rules of the U.S. district and bankruptcy courts of Arizona.

Westlaw provides free online access to the Arizona Rules of Court on its Arizona Court Rules Forum