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Bar Exam and MPRE Resource Guide

This guide highlights important information and services for Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law students as they prepare to take the bar examination in Arizona or elsewhere.

Aspen Learning Library


Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law students can set up a Aspen Learning Library account. Use this link to create an account:

Click register to create an account. Once you create an account, your login will ensure off-campus access to the study aids. You will also be able to print, download, highlight, and take notes. 

Below is a list of select resources on the Aspen Learning Library platform that are specific to bar exam preparation.

Bar Exam Survival (Michael Stockman, 2013)
This resource includes chapters for people in particular circumstances, including foreign-trained test takers and older examinees, and it provides advice on how to handle the social challenges of bar prep, the daily grind, and the final weeks and hours leading up to the exam.

Clearing the Last Hurdle (Wanda M. Temm, 2017)
This resource includes tips on building general skills for the exam and advice for planning your test prep, as well as subject-specific lessons to help you understand the black-letter law. Bar exam multiple choice questions (with explanations of right and wrong answers) and essay practice questions with help you evaluate your progress.

If I Don’t Pass the Bar I’ll Die (Rosemary La Puma, 2013)
Rather than black-letter law, this resource helps examinees build the mental, physical, psychological, and intellectual strength to conquer the bar.

West Academic Study Aids


Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law students also have access to online study aids, treatises, and audio lectures through West Academic Study Aids. You must use your ASU email address to create an account. West Academic will recognize you as a member of the ASU community and allow you to create an account when you use your email address as your username. Once you create an account, your West Academic login will ensure off-campus access to the study aids and will also enable you to print, download, highlight, and take notes. You can download the West Academic Library Mobile App and study anywhere.

Below is list of select resources on the West Academic Study Aids platform that are specific to bar exam preparation.

West Academic provides a Bar Exam Success section compiling resources including instructional aides and practice questions. Also, the West Academic Assessment Platform (please follow the directions on this Google Document): is a new, premium study-aid for students that covers all 1L subjects (and many 2/3L subjects).  The free program gives you access to digital MBE practice questions and practice essays.  It’s a useful tool to practice testing. 

Acing the Bar Exam (Suzanne Darrow-Kleinhaus, 2016)
Although you can test your knowledge on some multiple choice questions scattered within the text, this book emphasizes the process of preparing for the bar exam, such as planning your study schedule, checking your answers on practice exams, and taking the exam itself. It also includes advice and encouragement for retakers.

The Bar Exam in a Nutshell (Suzanne Darrow-Kleinhaus, 2016) (also available in print Study Skills collection)
Deconstructs the components of the bar exam itself, with tips on how to answer multiple choice, essay, and memorandum questions. Providing guidance on study schedules and preparing test takers to troubleshoot when things go wrong, such as failing to spot issues or forgetting rule statements. Also includes advice on preparing to retake the bar exam.

Bar Exam Success: A Comprehensive Guide w/ Audio (Sara J. Berman, 2020)
This resource includes an audiobook format and divides its tips into sections for first-time takers and repeat takers. It emphasizes the process of bar prep, including tips on how to handle multiple choice, essays, and closed-universe legal documents. It also notes the importance of keeping a positive attitude and supportive friends.

The Essential Rules for Bar Exam Success (Steven I. Friedland & Jeffrey Scott Shapiro 2008)
This book presents a method for teaching students to pass the bar that is easy to learn and implement. Topics covered include learning to study actively rather than passively; choosing study partners who will help, not hinder, your studying; learning to think, read, and write critically; dissecting multistate exam questions; coping with pressure; making the most of the weeks before the bar exam; and preparing for the day of the exam.

Exam Pro Bar Prep Workbook Revised (Steve I. Friedland, 2010)
Although this resource lacks standard multiple choice and essay practice questions, it provides tips on how to approach questions in each of the areas of law included in the multiple-choice portion of the bar exam. You can test your knowledge with its open-ended short-answer mixed questions.

A Short & Happy Guide to the Bar Exam’s Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) (Suzanne Darrow-Kleinhaus & Irene McDermott Crisci, 2019)
The strategies for preparing for the essay exam, not to mention the subject matter, is very different from the multiple choice exam, or the MBE. This slim volume helps you structure your essays to maximize your score and includes several practice essays.

Law Library Print Study Skills Collection

The Study Skills print collection includes the following series with separate volumes available in bar exam subject areas.

  • Concepts and Insights
  • Concise Hornbook Series
  • Examples and Explanations
  • Hornbook Series 
  • Mastering Series 
  • Nutshells
  • Understanding Series

Please use the ASU Libraries Catalog to search for specific bar exam materials. Ask a Law Librarian if you need assistance finding materials.

The following resources are among many found in our print Study Skills collection, across from the circulation desk on the third floor. 

The Complete Bar Writer  (Alexa Z. Chew, Katie Rose Guest Pryal, 2020
This book teaches readers how to prepare for the Multistate Performance Test and the Multistate Essay exam 
(and similar bar performance tests and essay exams). Readers learn how to transfer the legal writing knowledge that they learned in law school to the bar exam, and how to build upon that foundation with skills specific to bar exam success.

Don’t Stress the Bar Exam: 40 Tips to Balance the Experience (Michael J. Moiso, 2001)
A brief, effective guide for structuring your life around the ultimate law school final exam: the bar. While aspiring lawyers need to respect the exam, maintaining normalcy with loved ones and keeping up with your physical health is an important part of success.

MEE Questions and Analysis (National Conference of Bar Examiners)
The law library has collected the questions and model analysis published by the NCBE for the law several years, providing an opportunity to practice with materials from real bar exams. Find them in the study skills section by the circulation desk on the third floor.

The Ultimate Guide to the UBE (Uniform Bar Exam) (Melissa Hale, 2021)
Whether you are in a new UBE jurisdiction, or one of the original UBE jurisdictions, this guide provides you with a detailed approach to the UBE, combining the authors’ expertise in bar exam preparation with access to actual bar exam answers from real bar examinees that were written during past bar exams and graded by actual bar exam graders.

The Zen of Passing the Bar Exam (Chad Noreuil, 2011)
ASU Law’s own Professor Noreuil incorporates mindfulness, meditation, and neuroscience into a user-friendly, slim book of bar passage advice. Provides tips on the exam itself, such as writing essays to maximize points.