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Bar Exam and MPRE Resource Guide

This guide highlights important information and services for Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law students as they prepare to take the bar examination in Arizona or elsewhere.

About the MPRE

The Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) includes sixty multiple choice questions, which examinees have two hours to answer. It tests knowledge of the standards of conduct for legal professionals, especially attorneys. Passing the exam is necessary for admission to the bar in most states, including Arizona. The National Conference of Bar Examiners' website includes information on registration, fees, dates of administration, and testing centers. It also provides information on accommodations for examinees and test day policies, and it provides examinees their scores after grading. Registration for the MPRE requires creating an NCBE account.

Arizona requires a minimum, scaled score of 85.

CALI Lessons

The Law Library subscribes to the CALI Library of Lessons tutorials. CALI tutorials, written by law faculty and librarians from American law schools, are reviewed and revised on a regular basis. The lessons are designed to help you become accustomed to taking multiple-choice exams and provide feedback to your answers. CALI offers more than 1,000 interactive tutorials on legal education topics, from 1L subjects such as Torts and Contracts, to upper-level classes including Administrative Law and Commercial Transactions. It also has legal research tutorials for most state jurisdictions and federal cases, statutes, and regulations. To access the law school's subscription to CALI, please click here: Access to CALI.

The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) offers a series of lessons on specific topics that may appear on the MPRE in its Professional Responsibility subject outline: 


Aspen Learning Library


Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law students can set up an Aspen Learning Library account. Use this link to create an account: Click register to create an account. Once you create an account, your login will ensure off-campus access to the study aids. You will also be able to print, download, highlight, and take notes.

Below are some specific titles that may be of interest to you.

Strategies & Tactics for the MPRE (Steven L. Emmanuel, 2023)
This book provides three practice MPREs and dozens more practice multiple choice questions to help readers prepare and to simulate the test day experience. Its extensive tips will also instill good exam taking practices and familiarity with different question formats.

Examples & Explanations for Professional Responsibility (W. Bradley Wendell, 2019)
Provides opportunities to test your knowledge of the types of professional responsibility problems that the MPRE will likely address, including the attorney-client relationship, conflicts of interest, and confidentiality.

Glannon Guide to Professional Responsibility (Dru Stevenson, 2020)
Allows students to not only learn and review course content, but also to pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE). Chapters are arranged in order of how heavily the MPRE tests each subject to help students prioritize their review.

West Academic Study Aids


Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law students also have access to online study aids, treatises, and audio lectures through West Academic Study Aids. You must use your ASU email address to create an account. West Academic will recognize you as a member of the ASU community and allow you to create an account when you use your email address as your username. Once you create an account, your West Academic login will ensure off-campus access to the study aids and will also enable you to print, download, highlight, and take notes. You can access content offline by downloading these West Academic Apps.

Below are some specific titles that may be of interest to you.

A Short & Happy Guide to the MPRE (Leah Christensen, 2016)
Provides an efficient introduction to the exam and tips on how to take it, followed by an overview of the legal issues likely to be tested on the MPRE in a Q & A format.

The Weekend MPRE: Complete Preparation for the MPRE in Only a Weekend's Time (Leah Christensen, 2018)
This resource provides advice on taking the exam and outlines on the substantive law to be tested on the MPRE, in addition to two full-length exams, with detailed explanations of correct and incorrect answer choices.

Acing Professional Responsibility (Leslie W. Abramson, 2017)
This slim volume provides an efficient overview of the subject matter to be featured in Professional Responsibility classes and the MPRE, with checklists and practice problems for review.

Free Resources

The following bar prep organizations offer free MPRE courses and materials: 


Print Resources

The following materials are available in print on the third floor of the law library: 

Kaplan Bar Review MPRE Course (2014)
Test prep materials from the commercial bar exam preparation company.

Strategies & Tactics for the MPRE (Alex Ruskell, 2018)
Outlining the issues to be tested and providing an extensive array of practice questions. Also available on the Aspen Learning Library.

Themis Bar Review: MPRE (2014)
Test prep materials from the commercial bar exam preparation company.

Web Resources

Model Rules of Professional Conduct (American Bar Association)
Includes the text and official comments of the model rules governing lawyers, which the MPRE tests.

Model Code of Judicial Conduct (American Bar Association)
Includes the text and official comments of the model code governing judges, which may be the basis of some MPRE questions.

5 Tips on How to Pass the MPRE (JD Advising, student resources blog)
This guide will help you become familiar with the materials to be tested on the MPRE, create a study plan, and find practice questions.

8 Last-Minute Tips for Passing the MPRE (American Bar Association)
This guide, provided by Quimbee, advises reading the call of the question first and, after reading the body of the question, considering what a likely right answer would be before spending time analyzing answer choices. It also warns examinees to beware of irrelevant facts.

Refuting the Myths: How to Be Successful on the MPRE the First Time (Law School Toolbox, student resources blog)
Although law students may hear that the MPRE does not require much study, they should not believe the hype. This guide links to review courses and practice questions.

33 Tips to "Crush" the MPRE (Crushendo, bar review course provider)
Featuring video, this resource includes tips such as presumptively avoiding "absolutes" because law is typically more nuanced, and to get in the habit of answering questions at the fast pace of exam day.