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Traffic & DUI Law

This guide includes information for individuals defending themselves in court against traffic violations.


Representing Yourself:  Appealing a Civil Traffic Case to the Superior Court (Arizona Supreme Court, 2008)
This guide provides information on how to appeal a civil traffic case from a Justice Court or Municipal Court to the Superior Court.

Representing Yourself:  Appealing a Criminal Case to the Superior Court (Arizona Supreme Court, 2008)
This guide provides information on how to appeal a criminal case (including criminal traffic cases) from a Justice Court or Municipal Court to the Superior Court.

Arizona Criminal and Traffic Law Manual (Michie Company, 1992-present)
This resources provides information on Arizona motor vehicle law, juvenile law, and criminal law and procedure. It also lists relevant Arizona statutes and provides updates on Arizona legislation.

Arizona DUI:  A Manual for Police, Lawyers, and Judges (Jefferson Lankford, 2000-present)
This resource is written for legal practitioners and police officers who work with DUI offenders. It addresses aspects of DUI arrests, including DUI checkpoints, searches, breath testing, blood and bodily fluid tests, as well as DUI proceedings, including pretrial rights, charging the offense, sentencing, and the administrative license process in Arizona.

Arizona Motor Vehicle Accident Deskbook (State Bar of Arizona, 2016)
This volume published by the Arizona Bar Association is a practical guide to a number of areas likely to be encountered in the preparation of a motor vehicle accident case in Arizona.

Arizona DUI Trial Notebook (Bruce H. Chalk & Christina Cabanillas, 2012)
This volume addresses all aspects of a DUI case, including issues related to the traffic stop, the right to counsel, the elements of trial, and post-trial proceedings in Arizona.


Arizona Department of Public Safety:  Impaired Driving
The Department of Public Safety's Impaired Driving website provides information on Arizona DUI laws, interventions for repeat-offenders, and the societal cost of impaired driving. The website also links to DUI-related statistics.

Arizona Department of Transportation:  Driving Under the Influence
The Department of Transportation's Driving Under the Influence website provides penalties for DUI, including the process of driver license suspension and revocation as well as driver services like traffic school and points assessment. The website also links to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Crash Facts reports. These reports collect statistics about crashes, including highlights and historical trends, geographic location, crash descriptions, safety devices, motor vehicle and driver descriptions, alcohol related crashes, and pedestrian, bicycle, and motorcycle crashes.

Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety
The Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety website links to information about legislative summaries, statistics, and DUI laws. The website also provides information on the Children Are Priceless Passengers highway safety program. CAPP is designed to increase the awareness and usage of child safety seats.

Service Arizona
Service Arizona is a Department of Transportation website that provides online information to motorists, including vehicle registration, driver license services, and vehicle inspection.