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Federal Agencies and Executive Branch: Secondary Sources


Secondary Sources
     Journal Articles

     Federal Register
     Code of Federal Regulations

Regulatory History
     Compiled Regulatory Histories
     Conducting Regulatory History                        Research

Administrative Agencies
     Administrative Decisions

Presidential Documents
     Presidential Proclamations and                        Executive Orders
     Presidential Directives
     Administrative Orders
     Reorganization Plans
     Other Presidential Information


There are a number of treatises in the Law Library collection related to administrative law. You can search for relevant books in the library catalog by using the subject headings “administrative law” and “regulations.”

Administrative Law Treatise (Kenneth Culp Davis & Richard Pierce, 2019)
This three-volume title is recognized as the leading treatise in administrative law. It provides guidance on the administrative law governing a broad variety of topics as well as insight in to agency power and procedure.

Administrative Law (Jacob A. Stein and Glenn A. Mitchell, current - Lexis password required))
This single volume treatise, available on Lexis, provides an analysis of all aspects of administrative law and the administrative process.

Administrative Law and Practice (Richard Murphy and Charles Koch, current - Westlaw password required)
Administrative Law and Practice is a multi-volume treatise, available on Westlaw, that provides advice, techniques, and tips on the procedures necessary for engaging federal and state agencies in all avenues of regulated conduct. 

Federal Regulatory Directory (Congressional Quarterly)
This directory, published by Congressional Quarterly, provides information on the regulatory process and in-depth profiles of the officials and activities of the largest agencies.‚Äč


Administrative Law Journals on HeinOnline (on campus access or remotely with ASURITE)
HeinOnline provides access to 23 administrative law-specific law journals. 

Below is a select list of U.S. law journals with a national scope that focus on administrative or regulatory law.

Administrative Law Review
The Administrative Law Review is published  by the students of American University Washington College of Law in conjunction with the American Bar Association's Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice. The Journal publishes articles by practicing lawyers, judges, and academics, as well as symposia, conferences, and meetings on current topics in administrative law. Available on HeinOnline (1949- , on campus access or remotely with ASURITE) and Lexis (1996-current, Lexis password required).

Journal of the National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary
Pepperdine University School of Law publishes the Journal of the National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary in collaboration with the National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary. The Journal publishes articles written by judges, professors, and lawyers on topics specific to developments affecting the administrative judiciary. Available on HeinOnline (1981- , on campus access or remotely with ASURITE), Westlaw (2000-current, Westlaw password required), and Lexis (1997-current, Lexis password required).

Michigan Journal of Environmental and Administrative Law
The Michigan Journal of Environmental & Administrative Law publishes articles, student notes, comments, essays, and online blog posts on all aspects of environmental and administrative law. Available on HeinOnline (2012- , on campus access or remotely with ASURITE), Westlaw (2012-current, Westlaw password required), and Lexis (2012-current, Lexis password required).

Yale Journal on Regulation
The Yale Journal on Regulation publishes in-depth scholarly articles by professors and legal practitioners twice a year on a rich array of topics including antitrust, bankruptcy, corporate law, energy, the environment, financial regulation, health care, information technology, tax, telecommunications, and utilities. Available on HeinOnline (1983- , on campus access or remotely with ASURITE) and Westlaw (1984-current, Westlaw password required).