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Federal Courts

News Sources

U.S. Law Week: Supreme Court Today
Supreme Court Today is available in U.S. Law Week.  In addition to the text of Court opinions, Court dockets, calendars, and journal, this resource provides information on the status of petitions for certiorari, offers highlights of oral arguments, and reports Court news.  Supreme Court Today is available on Bloomberg Law (Bloomberg Law password required).

liibulletin: The LII Supreme Court Bulletin
The liibulletin is an electronic journal produced by students at Cornell Law School.  The journal covers Supreme Court developments and offers case commentary.

New York Times – U.S. Supreme Court 
The New York Times U.S. Supreme Court topic page centralizes NY Times coverage of Supreme Court developments and includes commentary, links to headlines around the web, and multimedia resources.

Oyez is a multimedia archive of Supreme Court resources.  Oyez provides access to oral argument audio recordings, oral argument transcripts, court opinions, and information on the nine justices.

The SCOTUSblog covers all aspects of the Supreme Court and provides both commentary and resources related to the Court including opinions, briefs, select petitions for certiorari, and news coverage of every merit case before the Court.