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Seminar Topical Research Guides: "Dangers" of the Modern Administrative State


Choosing a Paper Topic Research Guide
This research guide from the Ross-Blakley Law Library is designed for students who are writing a substantive legal research paper and are looking for guidance on how to begin. The guide details sources for help in selecting a paper topic and offers insight in how to check whether your paper will add new information to the field of law.

Conducting a Preemption Check Research Guide
This research guide details the recommended steps for conducting a preemption check, as well as provides information on and links to a variety of resources for conducting a thorough check.


Administrative Law Blog: Notice & Comment by the Yale Journal on Regulation
This is a joint blog between the ABA Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice and the Yale Journal on Regulation. Content covers a wide variety of regulatory topics, including administrative law generally, financial regulation, corporate law, environmental law, bankruptcy law, and tax law. 

Comparative Administrative Law Blog, Yale Law School
The Comparative Administrative Law Blog from Yale Law School publishes lists of new scholarship on administrative law and regulation from around the world.

Harvard Law Review Blog - Administrative Law
The Harvard Law Review Blog publishes content from law professors, judges, and practicing attorneys on a wide variety of topics, with a focus on providing insight on current critical legal issues; this is the site location for articles specific to administrative law.

Jotwell - Administrative Law
Jotwell features brief law professor reviews of recent scholarly articles; this is the site location for articles specific to administrative law. 

The Regulatory Review
The Regulatory Review is an online source of regulatory news, analysis, and opinion housed at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Review content is published every weekday and it features work contributed by law student staff members, scholars, judges, attorneys, and others interested in regulatory developments.


There are a number of treatises in the Law Library collection related to administrative law. You can search for relevant books in the library catalog by using the subject headings Administrative law - United StatesAdministrative procedure - United States, and Administrative agencies - United States.

Administrative Law Treatise (Kristin Hickman & Richard Pierce, current)
This three-volume title is recognized as the leading treatise in administrative law. It provides guidance on the administrative law governing a broad variety of topics as well as insight in to agency power and procedure.

Federal Regulatory Directory (Congressional Quarterly)
This directory, published by Congressional Quarterly, provides information on the regulatory process and in-depth profiles of the officials and activities of the largest agencies.

ONLINE RESOURCES provides an online portal for access to agency rulemaking documents, including proposed rules and public comments submitted in regard to proposed rules.

A-Z Index of Federal Agencies –
This website provides links to federal agency websites as well as contact information for every federal agency listed in the U.S. Government Manual. Agency websites are excellent sources of information about agency actions, staff, and related regulations.

United States Government Manual –
The U.S. Government Manual is the official handbook of the federal government.  It is published annually and includes a broad range of information on all three branches of government. Information on the executive branch includes departments, independent agencies and government corporations, and the president. The Appendix lists agencies terminated, transferred, or changed in name. Older editions of the Manual (1995-present) are available on FDsys.

Federal Register
The Federal Register is the official daily publication of the federal executive branch. It contains federal agency regulations, proposed rules and public notices, executive orders, proclamations, and other presidential documents. For more information on the Federal Register, visit the National Archive’s Federal Register Tutorial: What it is and How to Use It. The resources below provide access to the Federal Register:

  • – unofficial, HTML format of the Federal Register (1994-present)
  • – PDF and HTML format of the Federal Register (1980-present)
  • HeinOnline – PDF format of the Federal Register (1936-present, available on campus or remotely with ASURITE)
  • Westlaw – HTML format (1936-present, updated daily, Westlaw password required)
  • Lexis – HTML format (1936-present, updated daily, Lexis password required)

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
The Code of Federal Regulations is the annual codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register. The CFR is divided into 50 titles that represent broad areas subject to federal regulation. Each title is revised once a year and contains the regulations in force at the time of publication. The resources below provide access to the CFR:

  • – PDF format of the official CFR (1996-present); CFR citation search
  • e-CFR – HTML format of the unofficial, but most current version, of the CFR
  • HeinOnline – PDF format of all volumes of the CFR (1938-present, available on campus or remotely with ASURITE)
  • Westlaw –  HTML format of the current CFR and historical CFR (1984-present, Westlaw password required)
  • Lexis – HTML format of the current CFR (Lexis password required)


Administrative Law Journals on HeinOnline
HeinOnline provides access to over 20 administrative law-specific law journals (available on campus or remotely with ASURITE).

Administrative Law Journals on Westlaw and Lexis
​Both Westlaw and Lexis also provide access to administrative law-specific journals:

  • Westlaw: 12 administrative law-specific journals (Westlaw password required)
  • Lexis: 3 administrative law-specific journals (Lexis password required)


Lexis: Administrative Law (Lexis password required)
Lexis provides a central location for the administrative law materials on its platform through this page, offering access to cases, administrative codes, and administrative decisions.

ProQuest Regulatory Insight (available on campus or remotely with ASURITE)
This ProQuest database provides access to administrative law histories organized by public law number and allows you to locate all regulatory actions associated with a specific CFR part or U.S. Code section.  It also has Federal Register documents available for 1977-present and the Code of Federal Regulations for 1991-current.