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Arizona Law: Secondary Sources and Forms


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Arizona Courts
     Arizona State Court System
      Locating Court Opinions  
      Court Rules

State Legislature
     Slip Law and Session Laws
     Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.)
     Proposed Legislation
     Bill Tracking

State Agencies
     Executive Publications
     Primary Authority
     Secondary Sources

Legislative History
     Legislative Documents
     Other Resources

Secondary Sources and Forms
     State Bar Materials
     CLE Materials
     Legal Forms
     Practice Guides and Treatises
     CALI Lessons

Public Records
      Arizona Laws Governing Public                      Records
      Obtaining Public Records
      Frequently Requested Records                      Available Online

Subject-Specific Guides
     Family Law
     Property: Foreclosure, Homeowners           Associations, and Landlord/Tenant Law
     Traffic/DUI Law 


The Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law subscribes to the CALI Library of Lessons tutorials. CALI tutorials, written by law faculty and librarians from American law schools, are reviewed and revised on a regular basis. The lessons are designed to help you become accustomed to taking multiple-choice examinations and provide feedback to your answers. Below are two CALI lessons specific to Arizona.

Arizona Legal Research - Primary Sources
This lesson is designed to familiarize students with Arizona's primary legal sources. It will also provide a basic understanding of how to use these sources in conducting legal research. No prerequisite knowledge is required to follow this lesson.

Arizona Legal Research - Secondary Sources
This lesson introduces students to secondary resources for Arizona legal researchers.


Arizona Legal Forms
Includes forms on Civil Procedure, Debtor-Creditor, Domestic Relations, Commercial Transactions, Criminal Procedure, and Business Organizations. This resource is also available on Westlaw (Westlaw password required).

The AzCourtHelp website provides assistance for those needing assistance in resolving disputes in Arizona courts. The website offers help in finding forms, court locations, and other information.

Arizona Judicial Branch: Self-Service Forms
The Arizona Judicial Branch website provides access to forms for persons representing themselves in court. 

Maricopa County Superior Court: Self-Help Center
Maricopa County Superior Court makes a number of court-specific forms available on its website. 

Pima County Superior Court: Self-Service Forms
Pima County Superior Court makes a number of court-specific forms available on its website.

Maricopa County Justice Courts: Forms
The Maricopa County Justice Courts make a number of court-specific forms available on its website.       


Arizona Legal Research (Tamara Herrera, 2017)
Arizona Legal Research is a slim volume that covers the basics of how to conduct legal research in Arizona. It provides information on Arizona secondary sources, constitutional law, statutes (including legislative history), administrative law, and cases. Arizona Legal Research also includes a chapter covering the basics of researching Indian law, which is an important subject to Arizona legal practitioners.


Arizona State Bar Publications in the Law Library
To see a complete list of Arizona State Bar publications available in the Law Library, search the library catalog for AUTHOR: State Bar of Arizona.

Arizona Attorney
Arizona Attorney is the monthly magazine of the State Bar of Arizona.  It publishes articles on a variety of legal issues and other substantive topics, as well as provides information on member promotions and achievements, attorney discipline cases, and Bar activities. Issues from 1988 to the present are available in print in the law library; recent issues can be viewed on the State Bar of Arizona’s website.

Arizona Appellate Handbook,  L. Ray Haire & Paul G. Ulrich, editors
This three-volume set explains how to conduct appeals from superior court to the court of appeals and the Arizona Supreme Court; appeals from justice and traffic court to superior court; and appeals of agency decisions. It includes a number of forms. 

Arizona Attorneys' Fees Manual Bruce Meyerson & Patricia K. Norris, editors
This volume summarizes the law of court-awarded fees, including forms and procedures. 

Arizona Civil Remedies edited by Marilee Miller Clarke
This two-volume set has information on handling claims, reducing claims to judgment, and enforcing judgments. It includes many forms. 

Arizona Construction Law Practice Manual Robert O. Dyer & David C. Tierney, editors
This book includes explanatory text and forms. 

Arizona Courts Manual: A Guide to Filing Documents and General ProceduresGuy W. Bluff
This volume covers common procedural problems in civil practice before the fifteen Arizona Superior Courts, justice courts, U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona, U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Arizona, tribal courts, U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, U.S. Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the 9th Circuit, and U.S. Supreme Court. It also provides up-to-date addresses and telephone numbers for frequently called court personnel, county recorders, and county assessors.

Arizona DUI Trial Notebook Bruce H. Chalk, Christina Cabanillas, C. Daniel Carrion & Daniel S. Jurkowitz
This volume covers issues such as the constitutionality of DUI statutes, the stop, contact, testing, pretrial, trial, post-trial, and miscellaneous issues. The appendices include DUI laws, relevant regulations, sample voir dire questions, sample questions for officers and experts, DUI jury instructions, and a table of authorities. 

Arizona Employment Law HandbookThomas M. Rogers, editor
This two-volume set provides and overview of employment and labor law in Arizona, including relevant federal laws. 

Arizona Ethics Desk Reference
This volume compiles formal ethics opinions and indexes them chronologically, by key word, and with annotations to the model rules of professional conduct.

Arizona Ethics Opinions
The Arizona Ethics Committee releases ethics opinions relating to attorney conduct.  Opinions are available in print in the law library for the dates 1954-1994 and on the website of the State Bar of Arizona for the dates 1985-present.

Arizona Probate Code Practice Manual, Charles F. Myers, editor
This two-volume set provides comprehensive coverage of Arizona's version of the Uniform Probate Code.  

Construction Lien Law in Arizona: A Practice Manual, Guy W. Bluff
This volume includes practice pointers and forms. 

Revised Arizona Jury Instructions (Civil) 
Includes standard instructions, with sources, use notes, and comments.

Revised Arizona Jury Instructions (Criminal) 
Includes standard instructions, with sources, use notes, and comments.

State Bar of Arizona Membership Directory
The State Bar of Arizona published an annual membership directory until 2016 that provided contact information for members of the Arizona State Bar.  The law library has the Directory for the dates 1994-2016. 

Subscription Resources
Lexis provides electronic access to a number of Arizona State Bar publications.  Available titles include Arizona Attorney magazine, the Arizona Appellate Handbook, Arizona Employment Law Handbook, Arizona Legal Ethics Handbook, Community Association Law in Arizona, and the Ins and Outs of Foreclosure, to name a few. (Lexis password required)


Practice guides and treatises are generally written for legal practitioners and provide explanations of legal topics, tips for client representation, and citations to relevant statues, cases, and other primary sources.  The following is a select list of Arizona treatises and practice guides in the Law Library. 

Arizona Practice Series
The Arizona Practice Series is a multi-volume set that is written for Arizona legal practitioners.  It offers explanatory text, checklists, and forms in each subject-specific volume.  In addition to the print volumes located in the Arizona Reference collection, this series is available on Westlaw (Westlaw password required). The topics covered within the set include:

     Volume 1 – Law of Evidence
     Volumes 2 & 2A – Civil Trial Practice
     Volume 2B – Arizona Civil Rules Handbook
     Volume 3 – Marriage Dissolution Practice
     Volume 4 – Community Property Law
     Volume 5 – Arizona Juvenile Law and Practice
     Volumes 6 & 7 – Corporate Practice
     Volume 8 – Arizona Trial Handbook
     Volumes 9 and 9A – Business Law Deskbook
     Volumes 10,10A & 10B – Business Regulation in Arizona
     Volumes 11 & 11A – Arizona Real Estate Law
     Volume 12 – Arizona Estate and Probate Handbook 
     Volume 13 – Arizona Family Law Rules Handbook
     Volume 14 & 14A – Arizona Construction Law Annotated

Arizona DUI: A Manual for Police, Judges and LawyersJefferson Lankford
This thin volume includes checklists and forms for each step of an Arizona DUI case.

Arizona Limited Liability Company: Forms and Practice Manual, Richard C. Onsager
This two-volume set has explanatory text and forms relating to drafting limited liability company documents.

Arizona Litigation Guide, Law Firm of Fennemore Craig
This volume is intended to be a comprehensive desktop reference on litigation matters from filing to resolution.

Environmental Compliance in Arizona
This two-volume set summarizes federal and state compliance requirements, with citations to the relevant statutes and regulations.

Law of Negligence in Arizona, Jefferson L. Lankford & Douglas A. Blaze
This volume surveys Arizona statutory and case law on negligence.