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Faculty Scholarship Support

The purpose of this guide is to assist law school faculty in the production and promotion of their scholarly activities.

Copyright Management

Author Rights & the SPARC Author Addendum
SPARC provides a full set of resources to help you learn more about your rights as an author, and the tools that are available to help you effectively manage your copyrights.

Creative Commons Copyright Licenses
The Creative Commons copyright licenses and tools provide authors a simple, standardized way to grant copyright permissions to their creative work.

Scholar's Copyright Addendum Engine
The Scholar's Copyright Addendum Engine will help you generate a PDF form that you can attach to a journal publisher's copyright agreement to ensure that you retain certain rights.

Sample Author Addenda

Addenda are frequently used to modify author agreements by reserving the right to share, post, or republish articles. Sample addenda are presented below. These links are for informational purposes only and are often tailored to meet the needs of a particular institution. The Law Library will not modify these addenda for you. For more information on attaching addenda and modifying author agreements, please contact the ASU Office of General Council.