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A guide to using PowerNotes Premium for ASU Law students.


Tutorial for Legal Research (6 min)

Full Webinar for Instructors (52 min)

FAQ: Common Questions and Issues

Q: Does it generate Bluebook and/or ALWD citations?
A: For the most part, yes.  However, you must double-check your citations. PowerNotes takes citations from Westlaw, Lexis, HeinOnline, and Bloomberg and copies them into your PowerNotes interface.  It will also auto-populate fields in PowerNotes to help you with generating manual Bluebook citations. PowerNotes does a good job of this but it is not 100% accurate.

Q: Can I export my notes and outlines from PowerNotes?
A: Yes, you can easily export to a .docx file or a .xlsx file so that you can open your notes in MS Word, Google Docs, MS Excel, or Google Sheets.

Q: Does this work with Macs?
A: Yes, it works with PC, Mac, and Chromebook.  It is a browser extension that works within your Chrome or Firefox browser.

Q: Can I use PowerNotes on .PDF’s on my computer?
A: Yes, you simply use your Chrome or Firefox browser to open the .PDF and then you can use PowerNotes to manipulate the text the same as any webpage.  You can just drag-and-drop the .PDF into your browser window.

Q: What about pictures and diagrams?
A: Yes, PowerNotes will allow you to save pictures and organize them within your outline.  If you cannot right-click and save the picture, you can simply use the “take screenshot” feature (pictured below) to capture a portion of a web page and save it in your outline.