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Alternative Dispute Resolution: Employment ADR


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Labor and Employment Arbitration Awards (Bloomberg Law)
Providing an overview of employment actions and highlighting recent decisions.

Labor and Employment Arbitration Awards (Lexis)
Arbitration awards and information related to employment law and regulation.

Labor and Employment Arbitration Awards (Westlaw)
Arbitration award information organized by source.

Labor Arbitration Awards (CCH via Westlaw)
Advanced search features to help find specific arbitration awards or topics.


Below is a short list of treatises in commercial databases and in the Law Library collection related to ADR and employment law.  You can search for other books in the library catalog by using subject headings such as: Dispute Resolution LawArbitration and Award, and Mediation.

ADR in Employment Law (Alfred G. Feliu et. al, eds., 2015, Bloomberg Law login required)
Discussing legal and ethical issues involved in efforts to resolve employment disputes out of court, emphasizing the ethical duties of arbitrators and mediators.

The Common Law of the Workplace: The Views of Arbitrators (Theodore J. St. Antoine, 2005)
Describing practices and expectations for arbitration professionals, and focusing on particular issues involved in dispute topics such as unions, wages, and safety.

Compulsory Arbitration: The Grand Experiment in Employment (Richard Bales, 2019)
An analysis of the trend toward arbitration of employment disputes, exploring whether it has provided more avenues for employees to resolve problems and whether employers have used arbitration abusively.

Corporate Counsel’s Guide to Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Employment Context (Thomson Reuters, 2017-18, Westlaw login required)
Discussing arbitration clause enforceability, model statutes, and procedures for particular disputes, and also providing tips for ADR professionals.

Handbook on Employment Arbitration and ADR (Thomas E Carbonneau, et. al, 2007)
Emphasizing topics such as respectfulness in the workplace, bullying, and discrimination based on a variety of characteristics.

Labor and Employment Arbitration (Tim Bornstein et. al, eds., 2018, Lexis login required)
Providing overviews of the arbitration process, contract interpretation, substantive employment issues, and arbitration in the context of specific categories of employers, such as the public sector.

Labor and Employment Arbitration in a Nutshell (Dennis R. Nolan & Richard A. Bales, 2017, in print and on West Academic)
Summarizing new developments in the labor arbitration field; the interplay between arbitrators, agencies, and courts; the legal status of arbitration; substantive labor issues; and contract interpretation.

The Law and Practice of United States Arbitration (Thomas E. Carbonneau, 2018)
Emphasizes employment arbitration as part of its comprehensive discussion of general United States arbitration law.


Bloomberg Law Labor and Employment Law Practice Center (Bloomberg Law login required)
Bloomberg Law's Labor and Employment Practice Center has labor and employment law treatises, practical guidance, sample agreements, news, court opinions, arbitration awards, state and federal statutes, and federal agency resources.

Lexis Labor and Employment Practice Center (Lexis login required)
Lexis' Labor and Employment Practice Center has labor and employment court opinions, arbitration awards, statutes, federal agency resources, and treatises.

Westlaw Employment Law Practice Center (Westlaw login required)
Westlaw’s Employment Practice Center has employment law news, court opinions, arbitration awards, statutes, federal and state agency materials, and treatises.


Indisputably (previously ADR Prof Bog)
A number of legal professors and scholars contribute to this frequently updated blog (including the College of Law’s Professor Art Hinshaw).  The blog addresses all aspects of mediation, negotiation, arbitration, and ADR.

American Bar Association – Section of Dispute Resolution
The ABA Section of Dispute Resolution’s website contains a bibliography of scholarship in the area of dispute resolution, as well as features news and upcoming presentations.

Daily Labor Report (Bloomberg Law)
Daily coverage of important labor legislation, court decisions, regulatory actions, administrative rulings, and collective bargaining news.

Workplace Law Report (Bloomberg Law)
Weekly coverage of labor and employment law cases, regulatory actions, and administrative rulings.


Alternative Dispute Resolution: A Resource Guide
This guide from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management provides an overall picture of how ADR is implemented in federal agencies. It summarizes many current ADR programs and lists a number of ADR-related web sites.

American Arbitration Association – Employment Arbitration Resources
AAA’s employment arbitration resources on their web site include their arbitration rules and mediation procedures, demand for arbitration form, and a checklist for drafting ADR clauses in employment contracts.