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Remote Access to Law Library Resources: COVID-19 Response: Wellness and Mental Health

A Temporary Guide to Library Resources During the COVID-19


ASU is providing hand sanitizer to anyone, and masks to people who have a cough or cold. ASU Health Services will remain open at all campuses, including Downtown. People with upper respiratory symptoms should schedule a telehealth appointment. 
Mental health services will be available remotely by calling 480-965-6146. Talking through issues can reduce stress and improve your outlook. For online students, contact 833-223-9883 or click here
Student Services at ASU Law
Contact list for the many services ASU Law provides to support students.

ASU Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience 
The Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience promotes healthfulness, personal balance, and resiliency among students and employees at ASU. The Center is currently hosting hosting Middady Mindfulness, a virtual meditation practice, every weekday from 12noon – 1pm (AZ time) to promote mental wellness.
This page provides answers to questions about distance learning, library resources, and academic policies at Arizona State University.


To manage stress and promote emotional wellness, the following resources offer support: 
  • ABA for Law Students
    Programs for lawyers and links to support resources.
  • LawLifeline
    Expert advice and resources to help law students maintain emotional health amid stress, from an organization dedicated to improving the emotional health of college students.
  • Lawyers with Depression
    Blogs and resources for practitioners and law students, from an organization dedicated to improving mental health in the legal profession. 
  • Coping with Corona: Applying Emotional Intelligence at Work and Home
    This e-book from the Emotion Life Lab, led by Marc Brackett and Robin Stern of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, provides practical tools to help apply emotional intelligence skills to the unique challenges presented by the novel coronavirus.
The following resources will help you reduce stress and emphasize a positive outlook. These guided meditations are secular, simple, and safe: