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1L Resource Guide: Class and Exam Prep


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You may access Law School Past Exams from the Law Library's web site. Many faculty members make their past exams available to students as a teaching aid. In an effort to provide students with the broadest possible access to past exams, the Law Library has placed them online. The online database consists of the past 10 years of administered exams. Some exams contain answers.



How to Read a Legal Opinion: A Guide for New Law Students by Orin S. Kerr
This essay is designed to help new law students prepare for the first few weeks of class. It explains what judicial opinions are, how they are structured, and what law students should look for when reading them.

How to Brief a Case - CALI Lesson
This CALI lesson is designed to introduce first-year law students to the basic elements of a case "brief" and to teach the general methodology for writing a brief.  It contains two sample case briefs.

Learning to Read and Brief a Law School Case by Ruta K. Stropus and Charlotte D. Taylor
Chapter 3 in Bridging the Gap Between College and Law School: Strategies for Success (Carolina Academic Press 2014).


Mindfulness and Mental Wellness in Law School
This Ross-Blakley Law Library guide provides information on mindfulness, meditation, and mental wellness in law school and in the legal profession. It is primarily focused on resources available to Arizona State University and Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law students. The guide includes instructions for meditation practice, contact information for mental wellness resources, and scholarly research resources.